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Deadlift Form Check

Hello T-Nation! Novice weightlifter here, being following a hypertrophy & strength program for 5 weeks now and I would like to request a formcheck on my deadlifts as I have been working on them over the past weeks and I feel I can now start to push the weight on it more, but that depends on the criticism I get :slight_smile:

Not sure if the video has embedded properly so here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/fmhXkhx8twc

What does your program look like in whole?

Those weights are far too light to see anything of any value.

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In general it looks like you are capable of doing them correct. Near the end of the set, your back was rounding slightly, likely due to fatigue, but the first several reps were good.

At the stage you are at, you should gradually add load and focus on lower rep ranges. Many people will advocate no more than 5 reps on deadlifts for novices, and I generally agree with this. If 5 seems to few, maybe do 8 reps. But I definitely wouldn’t suggest doing 12 to 15 or even more.

High reps can have some value for deadlifts, but it takes a lot more experience and expertise with the lift to know what load to use and when to stop doing reps.

I think you should add a little more weight each session, do lower reps, and post another form check in a few weeks with 60kg to 80kg if you can.

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Thank you for your feedback! I definitely will do that next week. I am following a program that increases the weight by 10% each week until one cannot complete the required amount of reps per set at which point the load is lowered by 10% and you start again at 1 rep less per week.

I feel doing higher reps at the start would be good because it allows you to practice the lift more through repetition. But I will definitely add more weight and lower the reps next week :slight_smile:

I decided to follow the “Long Cycle Beginner Muscle and Strength Building Workout” program.

The only changes I have made is that I use dumbbells for the overhead press and the bench press.

This is a common misconception for beginners. It actually decreases the quality of the practice because the inevitable onset of fatigue leads to more technically inaccurate reps, regardless of how light they are. This was one of the things I observed about the set you posted: your reps at the end of the set had some back rounding.

You want to be working hard without performing any technically flawed reps, hence the gradual loading and lower rep range

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I see, that makes sense! I’ll definitely try heavier weights and less reps next time. Thanks for your feedback!

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Only thing I’d change is keeping the bar closer. Hard to tell from the angle, but it looks like the bar is over your toes, when you want it over the middle of your foot. Think more “drag the bar up and down your legs”.

On that note, I recommend wearing long socks for your deadlift days

It’s not essential, and plenty of big lifters get by without it, but it’s pretty comfortable and prevents your shins from getting scraped up. It’s also required in competition for the deadlift, so at least you’ll have a pair ready if you decide to compete.

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Right! Thanks a lot for your feedback guys!
I don’t know if I should make a new post but I deadlifted again yesterday and incorporated a lot of your advice. I am now lifting 55kg/121lbs (video is my last set). I felt like I was breathing & bracing much better. The only thing though is that my lower back was quite sore afterwards and still is, but it’s just muscular as far as I can tell. I guess that means I just need to strengthen my muscles? I also forgot to remove my shoes! I will definitively make sure I do that the next time.

Here’s the video.

This might help. Listen to how he describes pulling up on the bar, and how you should never hear a clicking sound at the start of the lift.

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I see! Thanks!
I need to work a lot on my tightness at the start of the lift then, making sure to tuck in the lats.
And I feel I need to have my hips down a bit lower at the start…

Great work so far. Just to give you some perspective, I think I was lifting for 3 years until I learned how to properly brace and maintain tightness, and even still I have a lot to work on

Wow! That does give me perspective!
I guess that’s one of the reasons I like that I got into weightlifting: the goals are long-term, which helps with long term life purpose!
I’ll keep working at it and good luck and thanks to everyone that has helped me! :slight_smile:

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