Deadlift Form Check

Background: I am 18yo and I have been powerlifting for about 6 months now and my deadlift has always felt pretty off. My squat max is slightly higher than my deadlift max at around 470ish with a deadlift max of around 450 maybe more its been a while since I have last maxed out.

The Set: This is a set of 380 for 6 reps after a 3x6 with 390 on squat. Any tips would be appreciated and I am also curious if the rounding in my back is considered too much?
The link to the video is right here: Deadlift Form check - YouTube
thank you in advance I am new to this
forum but from what I have seen everyone seems pretty cool, thanks!!!

Looks good enough.

does the rounding seems substantial to you or is it not as bad as I think it is?

The whole thing looks good enough.

Looks ok. Would be better if you learned how to brace properly. Chris Duffin has some good content for that I think.

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It’s not extreme rounding, but any rounding is an increased risk for injury. Some people can get away with it, most can’t. If that is how you plan to keep pulling then low volume and frequency are the way to go, every set and rep is causing damage to your spine but as long as you don’t overdo it and give it time to recover then theoretically you might not get injured. There is an interview with Stuart McGill (world’s leading back specialist) on this site that you might want to check out, he talks about how the spine adapts to round backed lifting and if you don’t overdo it your spine will become stronger.

I’m interested to see what your squat looks like, typically when a young guy who hasn’t been lifting for long can squat more than he can deadlift it’s because he’s squatting high. Either that or you are just incredibly good at squatting.


heres a link to my squat its a set of six from 3x6 @390

the cover photo isn’t the full depth btw lol

It’s not quite depth, but I guess you are just strong at squatting. You need to get maybe 2 inches lower for that to pass in competition. Also the whole set seems very rushed, slow down everything except the squat itself.


Yep, definitely a better squatter. Like @chris_ottawa said take your time to get set and get your depth right


alright and ill look into those videos regarding the bracing because I feel right off the floor I get deflated I guess you could say.

is there any advice you could give me regarding my deadlift because I would rather try to reduce rounding than get used to it?

Learn to brace properly and engage your lats. You are able to set up with a flat back, you just need to keep it like that. Duffin/Kabuki strength have a bunch of videos and Instagram posts that will help.

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Take your time setting up. Engage your lats and think high chest.