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Deadlift Form Check

Hi, was at the gym recently and had the pleasure of receiving my first piece of unsolicited advice. It’s made me think a little about my form. Thought I should post here and ask for t-nation’s advice on what can be improved. Below video is 145kg x 5 which is about 80% of my 1 rep max.

What was the unsolicited advice?

Your shoulders are too far forward and your upper back is rounded. The bar too far in front.

At the start of your lift squeeze your lats and lift your chest. Try to keep the bar close to your body.


Thank you for the advice.

I was told that my lower back is completely rounded, and that I was well on my way to a serious back injury. Was quite surprised since I thought that was one of the main things I was doing right.

I agree with the unsolicited advice.

Any tips/cues on how to fix it?

there are good videos on the web showing good form. There are prob are vids on this site as well. But basically what @justaman1199 said. Your back should be arched the other direction. You are lifting the weight in a way that you can really F yourself up. You should start the lift in a more squat like position.

If all you are lifting is 100lbs, then you are good, but as the weight goes up, you will get injured doing what you are doing. I speak from experience. I’ve broken form as I fatigued and payed the price.

I really appreciate the advice guys. I’m going to look up some more form videos and try and implement some of the things you’ve said and get back to you with an updated video.

i don’t agree completely with the feedback you got. your upper back is rounded that’s plain to see but that doesn’t necessarily matter much. your lower back, is maybe or maybe not rounded.

what i can see and what i do not like in your lift is in the beginning (at 0.03 s) you make a hard yank to initiate the lift. instead try and get the slack out of the bar first by using leg drive.

the most important thing in dead lifting is bracing, which means that in the cross sections of the body betweent the chest and the groin the abs transfer compressive and shear forces, and tensile forces mainly through the erectors. reason there is a simultaneous compressive, shear and tensile force in the body is due to bending (cf. a course in mechanics).

as you get down and grab the bar employ a modest amount of leg drive, say enough to lift 70 kg, simultaneously think “chest up”, when you feel ready to go you press your feet “through the floor” and as soon as you feel the bar starting to lift you shift your focus to the abs and try and tension them as hard as you can.

dead lifting this way has worked for me to keep my back healthy, and i have had a lot of back problems.

I just showed the vid to one of my bros. He said the top looks really weird but the lower back may be straight. He can’t say for sure.

Me, i feel like you lifted that using only your back. Bono worded it out how to do it, but i feel that you would benefit from watching a proper video.

Watch this video. Try to implement some of the ideas. You will be good to go!