Deadlift Form Check

I need help from the strong guys. I used to round back my deadlift for years so I went back to using light weights and focusing on technique. This is the last set of my session, I haven’t done this heavy in a long time, but, looking at the video, it feels like my back isn’t flat enough. Also on the last rep on my right side it very slightly went away from me. Do you have any pointers?

Yeah, your back is slightly rounded. If the bar drifts away it’s usually due to not engaging your lats properly. Bracing and engaging your lats will help prevent rounding, you also have to force your chest up.

If you have been pulling with a rounded back for years it won’t be easy to fix it, you have ingrained bad movement patterns. Your back is only slightly rounded though, if you have no history of back injury or pain then you might be able to get away with it. However, if that’s the case then keeping deadlift volume low and not pulling heavy too often is a good idea, and bracing becomes more critical than ever to protect your back.

Have you ever tried sumo? A lot of people who can’t get/stay neutral on conventional do well with sumo.

Yeah I try to pull the bar as much as possible into me to engage my lats. That’s why I almost always have bloody shins… Though my back isn’t rounded when I use lighter weights in conventional, or even heavier in romanian so I guess my setup sucks.

Yeah i’m gonna do some sumo for a while. Used to do it when I started and managed to pull the same weight in both variations so 200 kgs. But I hate it, it’s awkward and it sometime bothered my knees for some reason

Your back looks flat for a split second when you start to pull, half the problem is setting up with your back rounded and the other half is not bracing correctly.

Your knees need to go in the same direction as your toes, if your toes are pointed out but your knees are not then they will hurt.

You’re a little jerky/snappy at the very end of the lockout, like you’re pushing your hips through harder than needed. I would try to make that a little smoother.

Not controlling the eccentric (lowering) means missing out on some significant hypertrophy. If going for a competition style AMRAP (which is what it looks like to me) lowering the weight quickly is fine, but I would recommend making sure the majority of your DL volume you control the eccentric as well. Size is build in the eccentric, so this might help pack more mass on your backside which could help with the slight back rounding.

Dropping weight can cause your penis to turn inside out, so I would do my best to avoid that.

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Yeah so I tried sumo and I could see what the issue was. My left foot was collapsing outward so I had to focus hard on it to keep the “tripod” foot (I have one foot in varus, the other in valgus…)

I guess I’m trying to be as explosive as I can, and try to engage my glutes as much as I can. Because that’s my issue on the squat (my knees always want to collapse inward)

Yes thanks I’ll focus on the eccentric as well then