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Deadlift Form Check

Hi guys,

New to the group. My deadlift is my weakest lift, and would like some feedback on a recent forecheck video I took.

My hips seem to start a bit high to me, is that an issue? I have tried to work on it but seems to be the natural position for me. I tried a moderate lift for the sake of the form check, 405x3.

Thanks for any and all feedback.

Pull your lats down.

Chest up.

Now to figure out how to do these:
Lats: think of bending the bar around you, pulling lats down into back pockets, etc

Chest: arch your upper back hard, nipples forward, etc

Start there, see how that helps. It should pull your shoulders a bit closer to the bar, putting the hips back and loading the hamstrings a bit more.

Also make sure you are externally rotating your hips, which squeezes the glutes and drives the knees out into the elbows.

Are those heeled shoes? If they have a heel ditch them for something flat.

Overall its’ not terrible, keep working.

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Thanks for the quick helpful reply. I will try those cues.

No heel on the shoes, they are sabo deadlift shoes, flat and hard.

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Tilting your head slightly more upwards could help with keeping your chest up. Don’t listen to anyone who says to keep a neutral neck or anything of that sort, even Boris Sheiko says he considers not looking up to be a technical error.

Other than what has already been said, it seems you might be wearing your belt too low. Also, those belts that are wide in the back and narrow in the front are pretty much useless, they are meant to keep you from hyperextending you back on overhead lifts. For squatting and deadlifting, the belt is supposed to give you something to push your abs against when you brace and if its too low and too narrow it’s no use.

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Thanks, will try that as well. Any recommendations for a great belt?

Inzer or Pioneer would be my first two choices. There are some other threads on here about belt recommendations, look them up.