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Deadlift Form Check



Great video! I beleive I am doing all 3 of the mistakes he labeled. Got a lot of things to try next workout! I need more weights and barbells…


I fear that this is likely true. But I’ll plunge in anyway.

I don’t think the “hips shooting up” in your vid is as bad as you might think it is. The hips are going to go where they need to start the lift - what happens to some folks is they take a deep squat position first and then it looks like their hips “shoot up” when they are really just coming back up to the level they need to get the lift started.

You want to keep the bar tight to your legs but don’t have to exaggerate dragging it INTO your legs. You may draw a little blood now and then if you’re keeping it tight, just don’t OVERDO it because you think it gives you extra hardcore points.

As for pulling the slack out of the bar and then initiating the pull versus jerking the weight off the floor, one of the few things I find useful for both Olympic lifters and the deadlift is a cue to break the weight off the floor slowly, THEN accelerate. I know on my heaviest pulls it looks smooth but it almost feels like a two-part lift: first, I break the floor, then I just pull up and back until the damn thing is locked out.


Here is a passage from a favorite article of mine which may be useful:

EDIT: I am not sure posting the screenshot is appropriate, so the article is titled “What We Mortals Can Learn From Eddie Hall’s 500kg Deadlift.” Just google it.


I wouldn’t say it’s against forum policy. No problem reposting the pic.


I don’t either. As long as it isn’t causing the shoulders to shoot past the bar and lumbar rounding.


Have y’all seen any back rounding or shoulder issues?


Nah. Those are like the conditions which make the hips rising first somewhat negative.

Even then some people round a little. I used to lift with a 700+ puller that rounded his back like a cat. Different strokes for different folks. It never bothered him at all, and it’s hard to argue against results.


That’s one of the reasons I recommend the Breaking Muscle article about Eddie Hall above; not because we all should deadlift like Eddie Hall, but it helped me understand the issue about back rounding better.

Bracing is probably more important than rounding, and there’s an important distinction between upper back rounding and lower back rounding.


Nice article. Thanks!