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Deadlift Form Check

New guy here, looking for a quick form check before I add it to my current plan.

Gonna need more weight on the bar to be useful as a form check


My bad. I will add more weight and take another video. My reasoning was wanting to make sure I was doing it correctly before I added any weight.
Would 225 be sufficient?

Depends on how strong you are. Like anyone can move 135 with good form but it’s not enough to challenge technique or mimic what would happen at working weights or near max so it useless for formcheck. I’d say at least > 70% 1RM or heavier or lighter within reason if you know there’s a point your technique is challenged or breakdowns

Also whatever you can squeeze into your program like a single at 90% 1RM would be good but it usually doesn’t fit in someone’s program at any given time

Thanks for the tips! I worked out today so won’t work out till Thursday, but I will get another DL video with some weight on it and properly warmed up.

Not real sure on my 1RM. I’ve just recently switched my training from a more endurance type (MX racing) to a conventional free weight program with the ultimate goal of size! I respected the DL enough to know I could jack myself up with impopper form so I haven’t done much with it. I know I can get 225 up but not sure what, if any, beyond that I could do. That was just the number that came to me personally when I think heavy DL, even though it’s a warm up for most here!

Just to clarify before you do, are you interested in getting your technique dialled in enough to move maximal weight for a powerlifting meet or just good enough to not injure yourself while lifting? Because there’s likely to be a big difference.

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Great question. I don’t ever see myself having what it takes to compete, or the desire. I’m more interested in lifting safe. Although I do want to move respectable weight. I prefer a more narrow stance than most as well, it seems most pull with a wider stance to keep the movement as minimal as possible.


Wanted to add that just because I don’t plan to PL, I’m still open for changing my technique and maximizing my lifts. My concern with safety vs maximum weight doesn’t mean I’d be ok with just a 450lb DL, but I also don’t need to lift 900 either. Not sure if any of this helps but I’m trying.

I understand why newbies feel this way, but…

Bingo. It doesn’t have to be a near max, especially in light of the other post re: whether you intend to compete or do 1RM’s very much, but it has to be heavy enough to work. Posting a deadlift form check that’s WAY below capacity just doesn’t tell us anything useful.

This sounds like you’re describing the difference between “conventional” and “sumo” deadlifts. I would agree that for many trainees, conventional is likely the better option, although sumo technique allows some folks to lift more weight by taking advantage of favorable leverages.

Totally understand here. I’m a guy that lifts in my garage because I like to be strong. I always strive for more weight on the bar but there are some extremes that I likely will not pursue.

Welcome to the forum. My suggestion would be to deadlift something that still isn’t necessarily a max effort but that makes you work a little bit harder, then post another video. You can even do this over several weeks by slowly adding weight to the bar to see if folks here notice a change or place where your form starts to break down.

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Yea I’m sorry about that. I thought I was going about it the right way lol. I shall have a better/heavier video tomorrow.

Thanks for the welcome! I’ve been creeping and reading a ton. Before I knew this place existed I would turn to BB.com (not the forum) for good info but now it seems they are no better than the other junk online. This place however, is legit and I appreciate that. I can’t stand bad information!

No sweat. If 225 is where you are comfortable lifting for now, I would suggest filming a working set there, then adding 5 or 10 pounds per week and posting video each time until you approach a weight where it’s harder and your form starts to break down. By then you’ll be getting lots of good feedback and approaching a weight that tells us more about your strengths and weaknesses.

Good deal. Thanks for all the help! Looking forward to posting videos.

So took some video and saw some glaring issues and I’m sure tons of issues that I personally couldn’t see.


So I didn’t notice this till the second set, but it seems when it’s time to pull instead of getting tension on the bar then starting my pull I would relax momentarily and then “jerk” the weight…


Same thing, jerking. I caught it on this and made a point to get some tension on the bar the NEXT pull.


Feel like my hips started to raise here first


Hips raising first even more, odd bar path.


More hips first and odd bar path.

So I think I’ve got the snatching thing taken care of now that I know I’m doing it.

The hips raising a good bit first, I was guessing that is mostly a strength issue, which part I’m not sure. I also figured it may be a technique issue where I’m not activating/using the right muscles.

The bar path issue I was thinking it was a combination of the above plus just being weak all over.

Looking forward to the constructive criticism! I promise I will take it to heart and try everything in my power to fix it. No noob arguing, I know I’m not doing it right and I know y’all are wise beyond my years!

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I think, judging by previous threads, you will get 53 different bits of advice from a lot of different people, far too much to be able to think about all in one go.

That being the case, I’m not going to muddy the waters by adding my 2 cents when there are much bigger, stronger and more successful guys to listen to.

@T3hPwnisher @flipcollar @bulldog9899 @MarkKO

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Bar path will be fine if you start directly over the middle of your foot and keep the bar close to your body. So maybe a smidge closer to you it’s hard to tell from these views buts it’s the middle of your whole foot not just the part you can see in front of your ankle and shin bone

For hips shooting up trying starting with your hips slightly higher and get more tension in your glutes and hamstrings before the pull.

Pulling the slack out the bar and creating tension means your posterior chain too so if you squat into the start of it and put your hips too low your hips shoot up at the start to where they are stronger. I think maybe you have tension in your lats but that’s only half.

I guess in my head I thought I had to have my hips low. Good to hear I can have them up higher. I’m 6ft and wear a 30” inseam pants, so long torso.

I have been trying to make sure bar position over my foot but probably either didn’t hit the right spot, don’t know the right spot, or just screwed it all up.

So more tension in the posterior chain.

You should be able to dind parts 2&3 from there.

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Only finished this first video so far, VERY awesome video. I’m sure I’ve heard everything he’s said already in other videos but I really enjoyed the way he worded and showed everything. I feel like I have some more information I can definitely use!

Only thing that I didn’t like in his first video was how he suggested trying to pull the bar into the shins. I’ve DL’d twice so far, first time with no weight and very few reps, and now with what is heavy weight for me and very few reps and I’ve shed blood both times. That’s with trying to keep it close but off of my shins lol


Went back and watched my 275 video, feet are clearly way back. The “odd barbell movement” I saw earlier I now know it was just the bar getting over the center of my foot! My raised hips were still well below my shoulds (IMO), might try starting with that position next! I’m excited to DL now!!


First blood has been drawn! On to victory!

You can wear shin guards, deadlift socks, or even cheap ass knee sleeves on your chins. We all have battle scars! :rofl:

Brian is da man!

I get scratches a lot but I only draw blood when I’m sloppy especially on a deadlift bar which just has more aggressive knurling. I don’t think you use a DL bar so even less reason to be bleeding

The same cue can have different results with different people. If you already have the bar close to you cueing pulling the bar in will just bruise and bleed you. Works better for guys who tend to let the bar get away from their body at the start. If it doesn’t work for you don’t use the cue