Deadlift Form Check

used the barpath app for this. this was my first rep of my last set of 4x5 then 4x2 and it was 202KG. i notice right as i begin i lean forward. this has gotta be wrong, yeah? lol

also deads were my first lift of the day.
thanks in advance.

It looks like you lean forward and let your hips shoot up as soon as the bar breaks the floor, part of it might be that you are trying to start with your hips too low for this particular setup and the other thing is that you probably aren’t generating enough tension in your hips so they go further into flexion. Chris Duffin’s cue is “wedge your hips under the bar”, try that.

Also, your shins are tilted forward when you start pulling, that can work for conventional but not sumo, your shins should be approximately vertical. I can only assume that you are starting with the bar too far from your shins, it should be right up against them.

At the top where the bar drifts forward it looks like you are shifting forward onto your toes. That will probably fix itself eventually because otherwise you will fall forward with heavier weights but pushing your hips forward at lockout and keeping the weight evenly distributed over your feet should help to fix that.

Watch the JTS deadlift and sumo deadlift pillars videos.

Also you head position is fucked up. You start with your head up, which is good, but then you tilt it down and back up again. This likely has an impact on your bar path and also your inability to properly engage your glutes. You head position should be either neutral or tilted slightly upwards and don’t change it until you lock out.

got it. watched the JTS video. super informative. gonna do some light dead work tomorrow. thanks for the reply chris!!