Deadlift Form Check

Hi guys,

Check my deadlift form. Is it ok?

Looks like you set up with decent tension before you start the pull which is a big part of the battle. I’d recommend: ditch the gloves and use chalk, don’t overextend your back at lockout, and focus more on hip drive rather than pulling the weight up. Look at Chris Duffin’s videos for example on his emphasis on hip drive.

But others with a much keener eye than mine will probably have better input.

Only real problems that I see is overextending at lockout and gloves. Just stand straight up with your shoulders back, what you are doing can actually cause an injury and will also make you unlock your knees. Gloves are not allowed in any competition and will make it harder to grip the bar anyway, just lift and grow some callouses. You also spend a lot of time sitting at the bottom before you pull, this can cause you to lose any stretch reflex that you would get from pulling yourself into position but it’s not a huge deal.

In addition to the previous comments, I offer the following.

  1. Your lower back seems to be slightly rounded throughout the pull (flexion). Just before pushing the bar off the floor (a leg press with the weight in the hands), look forward and create a “proud chest”. This will serve to keep the lower back in correct neutral position.

  2. Once the shins have achieved vertical positioning, begin to thrust the hips forward. In conjunction with the TIGHT lower back this will push the head/shoulders upward to lockout.

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Thanks for the suggestion guys. I will take care of all these steps.

Let me add one more video. Just check this also. But in this video, when I take leverage to pull the weight, it effects directly on my knees. Its like a leg press, because I am sudden jolting (jerk) and pull the weight. in this also back is totally straight, but in this video back is 45 degree angle. but in previous video it is like parallel to the floor but straight. So which form I go with ? 45 degree angle of back is good or little parallel to the floor is good? . In first video I feel smooth to lift the weight.


What do you mean, it hurts your knees?

This is a possibly issue, some people do pull like that but in 99% of cases you would be better off pulling the slack out of the bar (as in building tension and applying pressure to the bar) before you start the lift. Jerking the weight off the floor makes it harder to stay in position and could possibly increase the risk of a bicep tear if you use mixed grip. It looks like the weight on the bar here is very light, pulling the slack out would probably lift the bar off the floor so maybe for your next video try pulling something heavier, like 80% of your max.

On the positive side, it looks like you stopped overextending at lockout.

  1. Stop yanking the bar. SQUEEZE the bar off the floor by applying force to the bar by pushing the feet through the floor. Once the shins are vertical, you can accelerate.

  2. Your lockout is borderline. One more inch back.

  3. Your hips seems a bit tucked under. It could be pelvic structure, but you can also try angling the feet out and widening the stance a bit to allow the body to sink between the hips at the start.