Deadlift Form Check

Hello there guys, almost one year and three months ago, I posted a form check video of me doing Deadlifts with 145 lbs, this time, I’ve come with another form check, I tried to incorporate the advice that I received back then, and here I am doing two sets of six reps each, the video is of the second set, with 215 lbs @80% of my current 1RM.

Camera is a bit shaky and it’s only from the side view, but I think it looks better than the first one.

First video for comparison.

Pretty clean. Not even minor errors to speak of at least in this vid. Set might’ve been too easy to show any breakdown in form. How do you usually miss lifts or do you have a recent video? e.g. close to the floor, at the knees, on your thighs, back rounding, hitching etc.

Like I said there’s not even really minor errors to point out in the vid but there’s plenty of tweaks you can try to improve your lift e.g. more quad drive/involvement, cues to further engage your lats, playing with the bar’s starting position relative to shins/midfoot etc.

Other than that probably buy and learn how to use a lifting belt. It’ll let you lift bigger, safer and ultimately make more gains. Forms clean enough now just focus on getting stronger.

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Thanks for the answer, that makes me feel like I’m progressing :smiley: my current tested max is 250 lbs for 4 reps, this is at 80%, sorry, I typed 85% back there. This video is the most recent one I have, this one’s from Friday. I’m going to go for 230 lbs this week.

Thanks for the feedback, at least I feel like I’m a good learner, in the first video I got many pointers too. One of them was that I keep my shins too vertical, maybe steeping a bit less closer to the bar would help me recruit more quads, but believe me, I felt them working on this one hehehe

Yeah pretty much what I’m saying is it’s good enough just focus on getting stronger.

When you start going heavier your form may start to breakdown and that can tell us a lot about where your specific weaknesses lie and then work on them hard as fuck.

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BTW…I didn’t answer one of your questions, so far, I don’t know if my form breaks during Deadlifts nor at what weight. I have just been learning on my own, increasing the weight little by little and so on and so forth.

In fact, I uploaded this video because I thought that maybe I was doing something wrong. I have been lifting for about one year and three months.

Well, I didn’t want to create a new post for this one, but my cousin also wants his form checked, here he’s trying a DL with 240 lbs for 3 reps, any advice would be really appreciated.