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Deadlift Form Check

Hey everyone. So I have another form check video in store here if you guys would wanna take a look. I did 300 x 9 today. The first 8 reps felt solid, but the 9th got away from me (I don’t know how the hell I ended up locking it out). The advice given on my previous form check video was pretty stellar and made my squats feel a lot better today as well, so I have high hopes for this. Haha. Thanks in advance.

@T3hPwnisher (I’ve seen your 500 x 11 pull. Fantastic stuff.)
@chris_ottawa (you have an awesome deadlift too.)
@gaelic (your Deadlift is on par with chris_ottawa’s pull, so that’s pretty great).

495+chains for 12, but who is counting, haha.

Hard to see anything specific from the front. Looks good enough.


Even better, haha. Crazy strength.

Also, today I join the ranks of 2x body weight pullers everywhere! This benchmark has been eluding me for months by 5 or 10 pounds, but today I finally got it. And, even better, I’m somewhere around 20 pounds away from a 405 Deadlift! I can see why you guys recommend 5/3/1 so much. Phenomenal program.

I’d say that you shouldn’t worry too much about online critiques on form. Focus on what feels comfortable and strong… none of the top deadlifters have textbook, generic form. There’s a lot of nuances that can easily make a difference of 100 lbs. Just keep in mind a few basic principles like keeping the bar close and maintaining a safe lumbar spine position. The more your practice, the better your form will be so don’t just deadlift once a month!!

Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m fast off the floor, mostly due to my high-hipped setup, but lockout sometimes gives me trouble. I know strongmen such as Brian Shaw like to “squat their deadlift”, so to speak, and he pulls over 1000 lbs. But I agree that form is an individual thing.

Check 7:00 onwards for Brian Shaw’s way of deadlifting as performed by Ben Smith.

shaw sets up a certain way, but if you actually watch the bar break the ground his hips are pretty darn high

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A video from the side or from the front but off to side would’ve been handy so we could have a look see at your start position (probably all kinds of back rounding action).

Yeah, I actually just noticed that.

The next time I pull, I’ll record from a different position. I’ve been working on correcting lower back rounding in the movement (which I think is why the lockout on that 9th rep was so hard). I’ve filmed from the side on earlier sets, and my upper back rounded a bit on the later reps of the set, but my lower back stayed straight.

Absolutely bad video angle. Post your video from a side view.

Edit: Somebody wrote it to you so you know it.

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Will do.

Also, I didn’t see your log before I replied last night. I just wanted to say, sick fucking lifts.

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thank you, keep watching videos of top deadlifters and keep an eye out for body proportions - leg length, torso length, arm length and even stuff like flat feet. Try to mimic the form of someone similar to you and work on it from there. I was watching your video closely and noticed you have similar proportions to me and seem to have a slight leg length discrepancy - do you have flat feet or overpronate by chance?

Super flat feet. I also lift in workboots, which sucks. Can’t afford shoes just yet. I’ll be on the lookout for those kinds of videos. Thanks for your advice.