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Deadlift Form Check

I agree, except that I don’t think that any rep looked good.

What would you advise this guy to do? My recommendations are to pull from a dead stop for now, consider touch and go or bouncing reps at some point in the future when technique is better and repeatable. Also fix lower back rounding, or accept that there is a high risk for injury.

One thing I forgot to include; I should have also added a video where I’m deadlifting at a lighter weight. I think that my form is much more impeccable when not going for a max effort lift, even if I’m doing dead stop reps. The problem is even though I plan to stay tight and maintain good form all throughout the lift (during max effort) I can’t do it and my form breaks down no matter how hard I try

Any Poorly Executed Deadlift MAY Injure The Lifter

Even a Dead Stop Deadlift will injure a Lifter when poor technique is involved.

Bounding does NOT = Bad Technique. As with anything, if you practice the movement correctly, when you are fresh, there no problem.

With that said, if the Deadlift should be Pause, the the Squat and Bench Press should also be paused for the same reason indicated by Shieko…

  1. The athlete will lose momentarily looses control of the bar when bouncing out of the hole in a Squat or the bar off the chest in the Bench Press.

  2. When Squatting and Bench Pressing, “when the weight of the bar reaches 95% or greater, the athlete does not think about form but is solely focused on lifting the weight.”

The irony is that good lifter maintain focus on Technique with 1 Repetition Max or near Max Loads. Maintaining Technique ensure that athlete is more likely to make the lift.

  1. How can you automate perfect Squat or Bench Press form if the bar keeps bouncing around in the hole in the Squat or off the chest in the Bench Press,.Thus, it would appear that you need to assume a Dead Start Position in the bottom part of the Squat and on the chest in the Bench Press to assure perfect form.

Okay, now let’s look at…

George Leeman - 800lbs Deadlift For 8 Reps

At 8:30 minutes in, Leeman rips up 800 lbs for 8 Rep.

How to Deadlift: The Definitive Guide

Dr Greg Nuckols

…you can generally pull more reps with a given weight or pull the same number of reps with a heavier weight with a touch-and-go technique, thus allowing for higher training volumes (and thus faster gains in muscle and strength, in all likelihood).

If your form is dialed in with heavy singles, then I think you can pull touch-and-go if that’s your preference.

One benefit of touch-and-go reps is that they typically force people to maintain core tension and spinal extension on the eccentric to put themselves in a good position to start the next rep, and since one rep flows into the next, they maintain the core tension and spinal position established on the eccentric.

Whichever technique (Dead Stop or Touch and Go) better allows you to maintain constant form rep-to-rep is probably the better technique for you. Plenty of good lifters reset between reps, and plenty of good lifters pull touch and go.

The Holy Grail of Deadlifting

Sheiko has it’s place. It’s your Holy Grail but not for the entire planet.

As the above information from Dr Greg Nuckols states and as I have, as long as Bounce Deadlift Reps are preformed correctly, there NO issue.

Performing Deadlift for 4 Sets of 8 Reps does little to develop Technique with EITHER the Dead Stop or Touch and Go Deadlift Method.

Research has demonstrated that Technique is optimally developed with Low Repetition of 1 to 2 per set with load of 80% plus of 1 Repetition Max.

The reason for this is that the muscle firing sequence and timing changes dependent on the load. Thus, training technique with lighter load does not transfer over to heavy loads.

It similar to practicing hitting a 60 mph and then trying to hit a 90 mph pitch in Baseball.

The Truth As You Know It, NOT As It Is.

Correct, your not wrong, Sheiko is. You are just parroting his information.

Don’t take my, Nuckols, Shieko’s or anyone else word.

Invest time in gathering more research and empirical data. Then come to your own conclusion rather that parroting someone else’s.

Kenny Croxdale

How much upper back work are you doing?

Universal Statement

Every form is picture perfect with light loads; that is a given.

1 Repetition Loads

A Max Effort load exposes you weakness and strengths.

Kenny Croxdale

After deadlifts I do an assortment of upper back work including pull-ups, t-bar rows, bent over rows (usually a bit tough if my lower back is shot) one arm rows, lat pull downs etc.

All Good

However, since you have a long trunk, you need to make sure you have strong abs.

The core (abs and back) bridge the upper and lower body. As with any long bridge, you need to make sure it has a strong support in the middle so that it doesn’t collapse under a heavy load.

As Dr Stu McGill (back specialist) has state, a weak core produces Leakage between the Lower and Upper body.

Thus, rather than being able to maintain the weight in the proper position, it will metaphorically speaking, “Sway in the breeze” with a heavy load.

Also, Upper Thoracic Back Exercises will help with heavy Deadlifs and Squats…

8 New Exercises for a Thicker, Stronger Back

Kenny Croxdale

I don’t know Kenny, it seems like you agreed with 95% of what I said. And then found some Greg Nuckles quotes and Stu McGill info to back me up too. Thanks! And then you recommended more upper back stuff, just like I said earlier. So, you learn Real fast, and we’re pretty much on the same page!

“Quad strength is especially for Sumo Dealifters.”

Yeah. After 4 years of conventional I can tell my quads are holding me back on sumo.

On the first rep it looks like your shoulders start in front of the bar which could be causing the back to round. You start the second rep with your shoulders directly over the bar and your back doesn’t round as much. This is the best rep in the set in my opinion. I’d try to start every rep in the position you started your second rep in.

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You are delusional with remedial reading skills. :slight_smile:

Kenny Croxdale

My favorite part was when you said, why is three reps the magic number?

Then, minutes later, you pointed out that Science Indicates 2 Reps is the Right Number!

My teaching skills are so good, you learned by trying to anti learn what I’m telling you!

You didn’t really read what I posted. Reading meaning comprehending word strung together in a sentence.

You took information used for one application and applied it across the board.

Kenny Croxdale

Says the dude who Continuously cites the same study, over and over!