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Deadlift Form Check


Would really appreciate some feedback on my form here. I have only been training powerlifting for around six months so any help would be brilliant.

A couple of bits of info: I’m 24, 6ft 5in, 105kg. This is 160KG and around 90% of my deadlift max.


Looks decent enough.

Might just be the camera angle but going off bar path you should probably set up with shins closer to the bar. I know everybody says midfoot and shit but that’s just a decent general recommendation. I know a fair few people and can personally say I pull better with the bar more or less starting on my shin (close enough anyways).

Bracing looks a bit lazy because you’re starting slightly rounded and not doing a particularly good job of locking this position in because you round a bit more thru the lift. It’s something you get away with at this stage and still pull decently well with. Its something that can be improved tho and with a bit of work will enable you to lift more. Look up “deadlift bracing” on YouTube for more vids.

There’s also that weird half hitching, knees locking before hips bullshit you do at lock out. Makes the lift harder than it has to be. This is probably partly due you locking out your slightly rounded back. Maybe focus on locking out with your glutes vs your back and do it earlier e.g. think “glutes” as soon as the is off the floor.

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All great points. Really appreciate the advice and putting the time into your response.

Try (slightly) tucking your chin instead of extending your neck. This may have an instant pay off.

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Thanks for the tip, will give it a go for sure. I will do another video next time.

  • Jon

Solid lift man! Just a comment on the neck position and I’ll add too strongmangoals… When it comes to neck position, everyone will be different. Some people may prefer a more flexed neck, some neutral and packed or some a bit extended. The rationale comes from work looking at nerve conduction velocity which seems to favor a more neutral or extended neck (as in your neck) when compared to a flexed neck.

For example, when you flex the neck forward, you create neural tension, stretch/lengthen the nerves. When you stretch/lengthen the nerves, their conduction velocity ‘may’ decrease since their may be more resistance or a smaller passageway to travel along. This may impact muscle activation to some small extent possibly… On the other hand, when you think of a more neutral or extended neck, the nerves won’t be pulled on or stretched out, which may provide less resistance for the impulses to travel down to the muscles. (e.g., Greater volume along the nerves since their not stretched out). However, with that being said ‘some’ of the best lifters seem to lift with a flexed neck, which is interesting and I believe the mechanics of their body has a big influence on this. People with a shorter neck may benefit from a more packed necked, whereas longer neck individual’s possibly a more neutral or slightly extended neck. Something I just thought I’d share as I heard Dr. McGill specifically talk about this recently in a podcast :slight_smile:

With that being said, I think it may best to experiment with each of the neck positions and see what works best for you. Everyone will be different and I wouldn’t say their is one ‘exactly’ right way :slight_smile:

Side note: If you have existing neck issues probably would be best to stick to neutral, but overall solid lift buddy :slight_smile:

Really appreciate the info dude. I have looked a lot into neck position in the past and have seen Eddie Hall keep a very neutral neck, at times even looking down and have seen Larry Wheels look up so I guess it’s more about the individual as you say. I will definitely experiment more with it moving forward. I’m at the start of my journey so I have time to get it right for me. Thanks again!

You remind me of Brandon Campbell (you can find him on YouTube), you might want to reference the way he lifts as he’s of similar built to you(imo).

Not come across him before. Just had a look and I will take your comparison as a compliment, if only I could lift like him! Will definitely check out his videos. Thanks dude.

Just noticed you’re deadlifting in a power rack…

You are dead to me!

Absolutely man! Everyone is different in terms of their technique and what works best for them. Sometimes it’s a just a matter of experimenting with things and see what works best for you. Konstantin Konstantinovs is another one that looks down as well, which just goes to show everyone is really different All the best to your deadlift journey man! :slight_smile:

Haha! It killed me a little inside too. Unfortunately it was deadlift there or don’t deadlift at all and you know that isn’t a choice at all really. My main gym has better facilities.