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I posted a squat form check and got some good advice on videos to watch for improving my form. I am posting a deadlift video because I feel that my hips rise too fast. Here is the video with 405 lbs for a form check, please let me know what I can fix:

Hips shoot up because they start too low. Start hips in the position they’re in when the bar breaks the ground in the vid and problem solved.


I think your back looks fine, but letting it round any more than that may be a problem. Someone else will have to confirm though.

You’re correct, your hips are rising a little too soon. In my experience, a good cue to help with that is by pulling the slack out of the bar to engage your upper back more. The goal with that is that your hips and shoulders will rise at the same rate.

+1 on hip starting position being too low. That’s a clean pull of you start it low. Maybe you come from CrossFit or some background where you weighlift? Shoes probably aren’t helping neither because they raise you up into a deficit deadlift and the throw you forwards

Not from a cross fit background but to be honest I just saw it in some OL lifter videos so I copied it. Now it makes sense why I shouldn’t do it though.

If it works for you and you like to pull that way go ahead, but understand that the bar starts moving up when hips are in the right position and the shoulders/scapula are over the bar.

Look at Mikhail Koklyaev’s pull. His background in oly lifting shows thru but he went on to be a successful strongman and powerlifter. The big russian man starts low like for a clean but then brings raises his hips, bracing and locking in his torso, building tension until he hits that sweet spot of hip position to actually initiate the pull.

So pull however you like but remember that ripping up the bar from a position with low hips will probably cause your hips to shoot up. Try like Koklyaev and raise your hips from the lower position building tightness and taking the slack out the bar and then initiate.

Sooner or later there won’t be a need for anyone else to give form or general lifting advice because you’re such a prolific poster and also accurate with your information.


No sure if sarcasm or not. first instinct is sarcasm but…

Not sarcasm.

The guy really does post a lot and the posts that I’ve read seem to be on point based on the knowledge I have.

Not disagreeing but honestly if you look at all the posts about 40% are trolling/GIFs, 40% srs and 20% both lol.

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lel thanks. These are my forums now

The secret is to not say anything when you don’t know your shit

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First of all, don’t deadlift in heeled shoes. It makes no sense, puts you off balance and makes your starting position worse. Other than that, it looks like you are struggling to not let your back round. Do good mornings, RDLs, or SLDLs (pick one) and barbell rows. Start with moderately high reps (8-10) and add weight each week.




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