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Deadlift Form Check

Hi everyone, just started lifting this year and have been trying to focus on Squat, bench, and deads. I have watched all the youtube and taken some videos but haven’t had a lifting partner or even gotten any real advice on form. Hoping I can get some feedback on the things I’m doing wrong/right.

Thanks in advance!

Link is ded


Might have fixed the link, had it set to private on youtube and switched to “unlisted” can anyone verify? Thanks!

Looks pretty decent to me. Since we are in the powerlifting forum that focuses on competition, if you have aspirations to compete, then you’ll want to complete that lockout and hold it for a second cause that lockout would get you red lights.

Ditch the thick soled olympic shoes you are wearing and go barefoot, socks, slippers, or Chucks. At least give it a whirl, it’s free to try out socks.

Nice move going with hook. I wish I did earlier on to develop the pain threshold and callouses.

All IMO of course.

Very good dude. This will help you out quite a bit:

Stay behind that bar. In specifics I mean your shoulders. What you’ll see the pros doing is rolling the bar to their shins, instead of bringing their shins to the bar. It’ll feel like you’re about to fall backwards, but once you hit that groove it’ll keep you leveraged and you can continue to move heavier.

This, unless you are an olympic lifter and practicing pulling from this position, I’ve never seen o heard of any serious deadlifts in heeled shoes.

I would ditch the only shoes, I pull barefoot when I deadlift even though I do some of the olympics lifts pretty seriously, I train a deadlift and a clean style deadlift as completely different lifts.