Deadlift Form Check

I’m 14 years old and this is my first year of lifting and I was watching my deadlift form and it doesn’t look too pretty. Any tips to clean up my form?



It’s hard to tell if your lower back is rounding too much or not, but regardless, I’d sink your hips just a few inches in your starting position. It puts more strain on your legs than it does on your back that way, which is what we want in the first half of a deadlift motion.

One cue that helps me a ton in the deadlift is “wrap the bar around your shins” when you’re in the starting position. It’ll help lock in your lats and most of your back which (obviously) is key for keeping a neutral spine.

You’re moving good weight for a 14 year old. Keep it up bro

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You need to brace your lats and abs, it looks like you are trying to extend your spine but your lower back rounds as soon as you start pulling. You also need to shift your weight back towards your heels, it looks like you are tipping forward a bit.

You’re young and don’t have great technique (which 14 year old does?) so concentrate on lifting with good form and staying away from failure. If you can’t lift a particular weight without your technique breaking down then lift less.

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My back is sore just watching that

What constructive advice.

Something useful might be.

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Well Chris basically said all that needed to be said, and you have put the cherry on top with a good form video. Kudos guys have a cookie