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Deadlift Form Check

Hey guys. I am completely new to this website, and pretty much power lifting or strength training in general. I have been doing it for almost 3 months now. I don’t ever really plan on competing, I just want to get stronger. I am 5’8 180 lbs. Anyways, in the video I am doing 265 LBS which is currently 75% of my 1 RM. This workout was a 5x5. I am more interested though on how my form is. I know its not great, but I would appreciate any help. I have made significant strength gains in 3 months, but I just want to make sure my form isn’t going to hold me back from progressing in the future.


Don’t bounce the weight off the ground. Lower it and re-set.

Your first rep looks pretty good. Obviously I can’t tell how tight you’re getting just by a video, but remember to do that. After that, you lower the weight in an uncontrolled manner and bounce it off the ground. I bet you’re losing a ton of tension. You’re also locking out your knees really early on every rep thereafter. Also, you’re only really lifting it once.

Not that there’s no place for getting some bounce, now is not the time. You are a beginner. Strength is an objective thing. If you add weight to the bar, how can you be sure you’re not just bouncing harder to compensate rather than getting stronger?

That’s my main critique. Additionally, I would advise against using a mixed grip this early in your training career. It will do bad things to your shoulders down the line if you’re always using it.

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Thanks man I appreciate it, I will start doing more deadlifts resetting after every rep. The reason I was doing the touch and go reps was because of the higher volume (5x5). But maybe I need to start doing triples instead. That might fix the problem with my knees locking out too soon as well. As for the grip, I should probably learn hook grip or something then?

I would still use complete reps for a 5x5. Again, check the weight.

As for the grip, I really don’t know. My background before lifting gave me a strong grip and while I’m not super strong yet in the deadlift I’ve never used anything other then a double overhand grip and have never struggled to hold the bar. I don’t know what it’s like to have grip be a limiting factor, so I can’t make any suggestions. My (ultimately worthless) opinion is that you should be training your grip if you can’t hold onto 265 with a double overhand.