Deadlift Form Check

Can you please check my deadlift form ?
this was just 50kg, felt good
70kg here, felt smooth too
100kg here, felt it all in the lower back, what am I doing wrong ?
I realise that my back is slightly rounded during all 3 sets. Should I start wih my hips up higher ? And is it okay to feel it all in lower back and practically none on the posterior side of legs after heavy sets ?

That’s why you feel it in your lower back. It is a high risk for injury.

You have 3 options:
-figure out how to set up with a neutral or slightly arched lower back, which may involve higher hips as well
-switch to sumo, since many people are unable to set up for a conventional deadlift with a neutral spine and sumo makes it much easier
-or finally just keep pulling like that and hope you don’t blow out your back. I would strongly recommend against this though, especially since you aren’t moving any significant weights yet.

Watch some “how to deadlift” videos on YouTube

Note to people posting deadlift form check videos: there is no point posting videos where you are pulling extremely light weights like under 70% or less than your body weight. It is easy to have good form with light weights so the only thing we can judge is how you set up. In this case however, the setup is the main problem.

thank you for the reply. I have watched a lot of tutorials on youtube and it allowed me to correct a few things but no matter how hard I try, I can’t position my lower back in a neutral way unless I set my hips lower ( which I don’t do because they shoot up afterwards ). Could it also be linked to a hamstring flexibility issue ?
I’m going to try sumo instead, see how well the form improves.

Are you using smaller plates? Looks like the bar is like 2" lower than normal

Yes, these are smaller plates, I have to start slightly lower than with regular plates.

Well that will hurt you right there. If you don’t have big enough plates put them on a small platform to get them to the correct height. I believe but could be wrong its 8.75".

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yeah it’s like I’m doing constant deficit deadlifts I guess, will apply your advice.

Competition plate diameter (in IPF at least) is 45 cm. So 22.5cm from the floor to the center of the bar.

Start with bar higher on blocks to learn how to set your back. Your range of motion is too long and it seems to keep you from being able to keep your back straight.

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If you find yourself still having trouble with setup even after raising the bar to ~comp height, then raise it even higher. Over time after working on mobility, you’ll be able to set up with the bar lower and lower. Keep in mind that mobility is more than flexibility. It’s also the ability to freely move through a ROM without external force or momentum.