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Deadlift Form Check

Trying sumo for the first time after 5 months away from the bar, any advice/critique is welcome! There’s only 70kg (155lbs) on the bar.

Get more practice and post another video at heavier weight when your ready. Can’t tell much with such light weight. Does look like you could open your hips more though if flexability allows. Unless your pulling semi sumo hard to tell from the angle

Here’s 100kg (220lbs) front view, I can already see my hips rise before pulling. Will work on this for next few weeks, any other form help/critique is welcome!

Your hands are too close, should be exactly shoulder width. If your hips are rising it could be that you are trying to start with your hips too low, you will have to play around with your starting position.

Will try moving hands further apart and play about with hip starting positions. Thank you for your help

110kg (220lbs) for 5, moved hands out wider and hips start higher, feels much better!

Any form help and critique is welcome

imo your still too light to see form break down, maybe get a side angle from a bit further with a weight you can hit for a heavy 3-4

Like Vince said, pull something heavy and we will see. It’s easy to have good technique with light weights.

The only thing I can say is don’t roll the bar before you pull, set your feet exactly where you want them. The bar rolling thing can work for conventional but I have never seen a big sumo deadlift done that way, and I have also heard some coaches specifically warn against it for sumo.