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Deadlift Form Check


Yeah me and the conventional deadlifts again… we probably will never be friends.
Please do me a favor and check out how these look:

I am used to pulling sumo and I am much more efficient but I need to get better at conventional deadlifting.


At least could someone tell me if there is something badly off? I did hurt myself a little in this workout and I don’t know if it was bad luck, accumulated damage over the previous trainings or if I did something wrong.
I am prepping for a contest with deadlifts in it (given that I recover quickly), so any help would be appreciated.


Either you are arching your lower back too much when you set up and it goes to neutral as you lift the bar or you are rounding a bit. Looks OK aside from that.


Probably the latter, hard to say if I am over arching. Maybe I should shoot a video without my belt?
Thanks for the feedback! Have you any tips for me on how to prevent rounding, aside from focusing more on tightness. Never had this problem with sumo.


Learn how to brace properly, that’s all there is to it. Including lats.