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Deadlift Form Check


Hello !

First of all, I’m a french guy of 25 years old, 1m74 (5 feet 7) for 69kgs (152 lbs).

I’ve been going to the gym for about 5 months now and after some mixed first steps, I learnt how to do some exercise way better than the first times (for example now I can feel my back when doing a rowing, you should have seen my face it was like I discovered fire lol) so that’s positive for me!

I’m playing baseball which I’m playing for 4 years now and I want to train to be stronger for my sport, therefore I’ve read about the 5/3/1 program or other strength training and it seems the best for me I think.

I began reading and watching a ton about how to squat, deadlift, press etc recently and tried my first reps for the deadlift which I didn’t do since I go to the gym.

I need a lot of critics (positive or negative) regarding my form as I want it to be as perfect as possible (ie more strength - less injury) so feel free to comment!

More videos to come.



Another video from my session


Overall, I didn’t really felt my hamstring (I am very flexible from the hamstrings so it might be due to this?) but I did felt my back so that’s an improvement from the first time I tried it.


Couple things I noticed is your back is rounded when you pull and you seem to be initiating with your shoulders too far in front of the bar.
A couple of quick cues to tell yourself before you pull is:
big belly breath- take a belly full of air and push out, this will help protect your spine
proud chest- chest up helps straighten your back
tighten shoulder blades together- this will tighten your upper back and help engage lats
hips back until armpits are over the bar- sit down back a little bit to help ensure the bar travels in a straight path (this may be the reason you’re not feeling it in your glutes and hamstrings and too much in the low back)
Hope you find this helpful.


Bulldog shared this the other day on another thread. The part where he sits down grabs the bar instead of bending over to grab it, helped me.

Defranco Fitness Tips: How to Practice Proper Dea…: http://youtu.be/UyRiw2b8yI4


Thank you guys for your answers.

Regarding the set up position, I watched Mark Rippetoe teaching this way of grabbing the barbell, grabbing it, then put your shins to the barbell, don’t drop the hips, chest up and squeeze, big air and lift.

I see that Defranco says hip hinge instead of just grabbing the barbell with a “butt high”.

So what is the correct technique ?

@mackison, the screen that you took was just after I grabbed the barbell and chest up but before lifting, I try to "seat"on the bar (don’t really see another image) and therefore my butt goes a bit back, I tried to take a screenshot just before I start the lift.

So in your opinion, are my shoulders still to much in front of the bar ?

I still have a lot to practice, each rep I did I did not engage the whole muscles I had to, some reps I told myself “last rep did not really used lats” and the next one I focused too much on the lats but then lacked of glutes squeeze etc

Deadlift is not the easiest but def the best when you know you’re in the good way to master it !


Let me begin by saying I’m no expert and these are my opinions. You had a couple of good lifts that I seen in the videos (second video @41 second mark was a good lift), however many others were not (rounded low back). People set up differently and use different cues to help them; one of the cues that helped me the most was butt down and back with armpits over the bar. After giving this a few tries I could really feel it in my glutes and hamstrings whereas before my low back was doing all the work. Now I’m not saying “this will absolutely without a shadow of a doubt work” but before posting a reply telling me where I took a screenshot from and posting one of you in a much better position, how about hitting the gym and following the advice first, see if it helps.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I’m telling the truth and that you are wrong, it just surprises me that I did an enormous mistake like that and thank you for pointing it out!

The problem is that I know (I think at least) the steps of deadlift but it’s hard to think about all of it during the reps for now.

As you said, I will hit the gym, give your advices a shot and hopefully it’ll improve my form and my strength!