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Deadlift Form Check


First time ever I get myself recorded.
It’s 282lbs x8 (128kg) at 170lbs bw (77kg), which is my personal record.
A pair of things:
-on the first rep I shake when lowering the weight, it’s because I’m usually weaker during the initial pull from the floor and was expecting the bar to move slower than it did
-I’ve got the impression my shoulders are a bit closed forward the whole time, we only have standard barbells in the gym and bending the bar while pulling back the arms doesn’t really work much


Just two this I’ll point out right away don’t regrip between reps you can see you loosen up before pulling again. And second get a better belt 4" all the way around


For “regrip” you mean the fact that I open my fingers before gripping again? So between each rep I should always keep the hand fully closed and just tighten the grip, correct?
As for the belt, working on it, that’s the only one the gym has, I will order one in the next couple weeks :slight_smile:


Yes keep grip tight. You can see you get loose when you regrip. And a powerlifting belt will be way better.


Thanks, will do! :slight_smile:
As for the back alignment, is it ok? And shoulders, aren’t they a bit too forward?