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Deadlift Form Check


Hello T-Nation.
So idd like to hear you’re guys’s opinion on my deadlift.
For myself, I don’t see any major form flaws.

Back, straight. Hips don’t shoot up. Arms are straight (So i don’t risk tearing my bicep all that much.)

Been working on my form. Want to “perfect it” (something thats impossible i’m sure)
Tried turning my knee’s out slightly to activate my glutes today, Feels really awkward, Probally something ill have to get used to.

If you guys, see anything i can improve, Or change so i can “perfect”/improve my form. Idd greatly appriciate it!

Thanks t-nation!

Link video:


Hey! Form is looking good. You’re right… turning your knees out will take some time to get used to but just keep practicing. I can’t see your feet, are your toes pointed out slightly?

Good job :muscle:t3:


Your hips are firing late. That’s why you have that over exaggerated lock out. Try firing your hips just as the bar gets to your knees. Other than that, looks pretty good.


That, and keep your chin tucked and your neck and head neutral with your spine. I find I get more power that way, but also extending your neck/head can increase the possibility of messing up your neck.

But really, I’m just nitpicking. Looked a lot more decent then most pulls uploaded on these forums.


What about my hip position? Am i starting to high? I’ve had some people say i start to high. But going lower for me doesn’t feel good. I feel the most powerfull when i start where i start now, Might once again be
getting used to it, But if there’s nothing wrong, I say don’t change it!

Will keep my neck tucked in! Thanks for the tip, Greatly appriciate it!


As in, I push through my hips to late? How would i fix this? Thanks for the advice!


Yep. Just squeeze your glutes to drive your hips forward as the bar is approaching your knee so your hips actually come forward as the bar transitions over your knees. You should finish in a more upright position instead of with your shoulders behind your hips. That exaggerated lockout can be rough on the spinal erectors too, causing them to get real tight.

The goal is one smooth motion with your whole body working together. Right now you have three distinct movements, hips rise > stiff legged deadlift(not quite, but you get the idea) > lockout.

See if it feels good.


Ill do! Ill try it with a lighter load then normal. so i dont do something crazy, See if it feels good, And then contiously do it!
Will try and get a video next week, to see if its better!


About a month later. Doeing the chin tuck is still something i need to contiously remind myself off everytime i deadlift, Its a habit i created, now i need to learn it off.
I think my form breaks down a little on the 3rd rep. Think its fine by the 4th rep.
Any thing thats really bad? Or is it good?
Thanks in advence. :slight_smile:

Edit: Yes, thats the fairly odd parents theme song in the back ground. The gym owner played it for an hour straight. Don’t know why.


First of all, tell the person holding the camera to take a few steps back and stop moving around.

Your back was not neutral on any rep. You aren’t getting tight enough as you setup either, it looks like you got your lats somewhat tight on the first rep but on the second one they gave out as soon as the bar left the floor. You are simultaneously trying to pull your shoulder blades down and pull the bar off the floor, don’t rush yourself.

Do strict RDLs for sets of 8-12, stay a few reps away from failure and don’t allow any back rounding. Also rows, I would recommend barbell row (not pendlay rows, don’t touch the floor to maintain tension on your back). High reps again, maybe even 10-15, no cheating.

Don’t listen to anyone who tells you to tuck your chin, this has been addressed by many coaches, most notably Boris Sheiko and Bryce Lewis.



These are some pause deadlifts i did 22 february. (my thought is that in the video i originaly asked, I was kind off fatigued, since normally, my back keeps quiete straight.)
Idd say my form looks pretty good here. Do you agree?
I’ve added RDL’s after my usual deadlift workout (5/3/1) instead of good mornings.
Thanks for the tip. Also thanks for telling me tucking my chin isn’t needed, persay.


It looks better, but the weight is lower too. It’s easy to have good technique with light weights. Post a video of your top set or first heavy work set next time to give us a better idea. If you are fatigued then you can definitely expect some technique breakdown, it’s not really useful for a form check and you would be better off cutting the set short or taking weight off the bar because you can be risking injury and ingraining bad movement patterns.


This is from today. It’s only a single, hope that doesnt mather.


Looks decent. Only issue is that it appears you lost tightness in your lats and upper back about halfway and rounded just slightly, but nothing major. Just keep training and it will get better, make sure you do lots of rows.


Are you like actively trying to push your knees/shins forward to push the bar so it rolls forward, away at the bottom?


any particulair row? I usually do kroc rows. Also. What is a good cue for keeping the lats tight?


I’m not really a big fan of Janae Marie Kroc’s version of the dumbbell row, but if you are going to do that I would recommend doing multiple work sets. More volume = more muscle growth, to a point. My preference is barbell rows, but not touching the floor between reps like a pendlay row. That keeps tension on your lats and lower back which should have a direct impact on your ability to stay tight on the deadlift, plus it really works your lats. Start with sets of about 8-12 with strict form, eventually (and I mean months and months from now) you can start doing them real heavy with a bit of cheating, but absolutely no back rounding or you will hurt yourself. I got this from Ed Coan, there are lots of other lifters who do these like Chris Duffin and Brian Alsruhe. Since I started pushing the weight up on barbell rows (and I still haven’t gone lower than 6’s) my chin ups seem to have taken off too, as if that really matters.




For hip lock outs, kb swings help actively reach the movement