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Deadlift Form Check


Here is a clip of one of my many sets trying to work on starting position and overall form. I used 309lbs or roughly 70-75 percent of my latest max to force me to use correct form under weight. Ive tried everything, read for days, and watched almost all youtube videos on setup and form and can’t figure out if my legs straightening is something Im doing wrong or if its just how it looks when I deadlift. Any words of advice?



Looks good . Don’t mess around so much setting up.Your hips are quite high but it seems to work for you,. I am sure more experienced (ah better lifters)will pitch in too.


Got it. I think I’m taking so much time to think about all the little tips I’ve been reading and making sure I’m in good position. I’m sure it’ll speed up with some more practice


I’m like you, thinking about all the small details to get the perfect lift.

However your form is pretty good, you start slightly to low with your hips but once the bar moves it’s ok, your form is really clean :+1:


Ok Thank you, I’m more careful and picky about form now and I’ve kind of been obsessing about it since I’ve recently just started to DL again after having a back issue last year.


Looks good man. However, pants while deadlifting? Shame.:grin:


Haha yea I hear about it quite often, Ive been wearing sweats for all lifts since its been colder


This looks almost too light to really see any form breakdowns. It looks good. My only suggestion would be to not fuck around in the bottom position for so long.


Yea it could be borderline too light, Ill record some heavier ones next workout and see what those look like compared to this. Time in the bottom will be worked on too, as I said its more just because I’m trying to think of all the cues and setting it up right


Here is my all time pr from todays “see where I’m at max out” lifting session. I’m happy to see where my form has gotten. If this exposes any weaknesses, let me know what you can see.



Rounding at start stills looks quite good through the lift You look good for a bit more.


Tried to pull 475 after that and I either didn’t wait long enough or my body was just worn out for the day because I didn’t get it halfway up my shins before I decided I wasn’t getting it. I’ll have to work on more back strength and bracing for the rounding


I think you were rounded a bit before pulling. So I think it is the starting position. I am sure more people will weigh in , as it gets later.