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Deadlift Form Check

I’ve got clear lower back rounding the heavier I go. I’ve started to add hip thrusters and more rdl’s and good mornings but is there anything else i need to be doing?

Yep on the back - it looks good on the lower weights. Also, check the bar position on the heavier lifts - after you get set the bar rolls about six inches or more forward, there’s no way it can be midfoot at this point.

No expert, just my observation.

Not an expert but judging by how the bar rolls forward on the heavier reps, it looks like to get your hips down you’re breaking at the knee which forces your shins forward, try breaking at the hips and shoving your ass back, might help.

Also it looks like you dont tighten up your lats which makes your upper back round and your chest cave under

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