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Deadlift Form Check


Been looking through videos on here and elsewhere and can’t seem to find anyone with a similar problem(at least I think it’s a problem). When I start to pull, I noticed I rock forward a bit, as if the weight is pulling me over. This here video is my fifth set, which I feel like is when errors in form and even weaknesses would be more obvious. I think it’s my hamstrings are week and that’s causing me to rock forward, but I’d like to get some more opinions. I figured out that I’m not tightening my back which I’ll fix this coming week. I’m doing that Ed coan 11 week dl program.


Those are some pretty rounded Deads. You have more problems than tipping forward.
First try to find a way to be able to Deadlift with a straight back. Start with a good set-up. I figure the tipping forward will go away if you figure that out.


Butts shooting up backs rounding

Also you start already rounded over no flat back at all are you able to sink your butt a bit more? Flatten your back and brace.


very odd ritual, you sit back (with your back rounded still) and seem to hunch forward when you start the pull. Try stepping to bar keeping chest up and shoulders back. Squat down and then you can adjust your hips a bit higher. Keep your arms stretched and meet the bar. I think setting up like that ,if you can picture what I’m saying, I think alot will be fixed if you focus on keeping torso erect or as much as possible. Start light and practice and you will know when you find your form.

BTW I couldnt dead w/o rounding my back either and I started Sumo deads… Then years later I could easily do conventional and at anytime can pull atleast within 50lbs of my 655 sumo. Maybe try other variation and keep reg deads light and alternate…