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Deadlift Form Check


First post here not sure where exactly to post it but anyway was wondering if someone could take a look at my deadlift. It felt good but I’m no expert, the video looks to me like my lower back is rounding. I had a good pump in the lower back so maybe that’s it? Maybe it’s not rounding and I’m over exaggerating it?



Could anyone give their view?


Doesn’t look bad, I think just keeping focused and being as tight as possible through out the set. Glutes flexed and activated when setting up, keep hips high and your good.


I don’t really see a rounding problem. If it is rounding, it doesn’t become any more rounded throughout that lift.

Your hips are a little on the high side, but not necessarily wrong. If you find you have back pain, you might want to work on getting some more leg drive into your pull. Hips lower and shins closer or touching the bar. You might even find that if you practice your pull that way and build your legs that you’ll be stronger. Or you might not.

Good luck and happy lifting.