Deadlift Form Check

Hey guys,

I’ve been working alot on my deadlift lately. Just wondering if there is anything that I can improve on with my deadlift. My last heavy single was 415. 7 months ago I was struggling to deadlift 380 for a single.

340x2x6 Friday deads 8th Jan - YouTube 340x6 working weight
382x5 meh form rpe 9.5 - YouTube 382x5 heavy set

Thanks in advance

I think it looks pretty solid. Have you thought about lifting from a dead stop rather than touch and go? Last I checked one of the coaches here was very much against the touch & go because it usually leads to inferior form.

On the heavy set it looks like maybe you could have a tighter core to prevent the rounding in the spine. On the other hand I think that’s hard to eliminate when you go really heavy.

Have you seen this video? Shamelessly stolen from another thread here :slightly_smiling:

Not bad form on the touch and go and you pulled nice on the dead stop reps. Great job. I do all mine dead stop now, but I didn’t see a problem with your reps.