Deadlift Form Check

Could you guys please have a look at my deadlift form. Some things which I think I need to work on is bar path (sometimes i scrape my knees too hard), and possibly my ass tucking. I have heard mixed opinions about whether the tucking is bad or not though so I’m not sure. All opinions are appreciated. I also learn best through mental queues (e.g. “bend” the bar).

Thanks in advance.

edit: sorry about the pink video, my phones camera is fucked

You don’t have any buttwink, it’s just that you try to strongly hyperextend your back halfway up - that curve isn’t sustainable for you in the bottom position so you assume a more neutral spine. I’d say your form looks ok-ish; two things two work on would be to brace your torso better (hard to practice with low weights) and keeping the weight further back. This video is actually pretty helpful:

No such thing as scraping your knees too hard. I’ve found the best thing to do is to actively drag the bar up your legs from the floor upwards. Long socks are pretty much essential.

Your pull looks pretty decent to me, but a video of you pulling close to your max will be much more revealing in terms of what you need to improve on.

Also, don’t worry so much about lowering the bar so slowly. As long as you don’t drop it you should be fine, unless for some reason you’re deliberately training negatives (IMO not a great idea for deadlifts).