Deadlift Form Check

355x5 conventional deads done with mixed grip. Doing 5/3/1 for Powerlifters, I’m wrapping up the 3x5’s week, have my very first meet in about 3 weeks.

Looks good. When I saw you do the arch move before you set up I was worried, but you get yourself into a good position and maintain it. Solid lift.

Keep an eye on the delts not starting too far forward on the pull. The bar may be just a tad bit too close. Pause the vid just before you pull and see if you see it on rep 1 and 4. Reps 2 and 3 look pretty good but stay tighter. You can see the delts start to shift forward a bit because the back wasn’t locked in. It may help to get your hips down just a little more - it may be a bit too high of a starting position. Experiment a little w/ the hip position or the bar position and see if that helps. Changing on or the other slightly might help you get faster and more weight off the floor.

I see you reset on each pull which tells me you really wanna focus on each rep. That is a good thing. Looks pretty good overall to me. You have a pretty solid set up position on the initial part of the pull. Great camera angle too. Keep it up and good luck at your first meet.

Looks fine to me. Good luck at the meet!