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Deadlift Form Check


I know my hips shoot up too early, but my back never bothers me after deads. Any advice or critiques? It's ibviously a work in progress.


Looks pretty good, but yeah your hips shoot up before you pull. Rather than getting set with your chest up, chin up, and then starting to pull, try getting your grip / feet set with your back parallel to the floor (while legs / core still relaxed), and then right before you pull tighten everything and lift your chest. I.e. start the pull by raising your chest (rather than starting with chest high and raising your hips first, which is what you're doing now). Also think about driving your hips forward to the bar throughout the movement.


That is fuckin retarded.

OP, your DL is fine the way it is. Nice breathing too.
If I had to nitpick, you sway your weight from heel to toe. Try to keep the weight spread but mainly towards the heel.


It's how I deadlift. Has worked for me.

TC: Any chance you could wear a flatter soled shoe? Something like a Chuck Taylor or Wrestling shoe? You may find deadlifting more enjoyable like that.

Only critique I would have is to start shooting your hips forward a little more aggressively. It looks like you're just kind of standing up with the weight right now. If you squeeze your glutes and hinge hard as soon as the bar gets over your knees, you may find the lockout easier.


Care to explain why it's "fuckin retarded"?

It's how Punisher deadlifts, it's how I deadlift, it's how strong lifters usually deadlift. I just searched "heavy deadlift" on youtube and the first three hits all exemplify this perfectly. (See Eric Lilliebridge pull 800 raw.) If I can figure out how to embed a video I'll post it and you can educate us on all the points of retardedness.

The OP shouldn't have his hips pop up before he pulls -- he's losing power. Hip drive forward will help. The usual cue would be "chest up", but because he's setting up with his chest high, he immediately drops it when the pull starts, instead of the other way around.



That looks pretty good to me. You could try setting up with higher hips so they don't shoot up early (pretty sure that's how I pull), but that being said it doesn't look like you really need to if you're comfortable pulling this way.

You could try cutting time between gripping and pulling though - really take the whole 'grip and rip' idea to heart. As long as you get nice and tight before you drop to grip the bar it should almost immediately buy you more pounds on the bar without compromising technique. I say this based on that little change giving me 30 lb on my max in one day (407 to 440).


Sweet! Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely give these techniques a try. I really appreciate the insight from more experienced lifters.


Popping the bar and keeping 'the core relaxed' before the lift is not the same thing. Not even close.
You can pop the bar or you can draw it like Andy Bolton (where he's already tugging till the bar bends before he extends the hip).
This is hard to see unless you're DLing roughly 500lbs and above.. or whenever the bar bends.

And of course those vids pop up first. It's a flashy style, which is why I love to watch Eric in the animal cage. But he's nowhere near relaxed before the lift buddy.. And you can't say you meant that loosely either. He's not as tense as when he's patella high on his DL, but trust me, he's never relaxed.

Also important to note that I don't think anyone of us would ask a beginner to lift like Branch Warren, or Johnnie Jackson. But FFS it works for them because they aren't at a 300lbs PR.

And to emphasize again, this is the beginner forum and I'm sure that whole Lillibridge fam is at least 25% behemoths.

I don't know how to imbed but the video above has a good variance of DL styles. It isn't just sumo and RDL.


If you think the video you posted refutes anything I said, you're out of your mind. Their chests are all up when they start the pull. They don't pop their hips up first. Most of them set their grip and stance while back is parallel to floor and core is relaxed.

I'm done arguing with you. Enjoy your 95 lb squats.


I was pointing out how retarded your assumption of staying relaxed before a deadlift was. Not the 'chest up hips low' part. Which the OP is doing well in his vid.

Regardless of what you say, it isn't appropriate to stay relaxed before you deadlift.
An there really wasn't much of an argument. Just you getting mad.

Back to Rippetoe 101 for you my son.


Look at your own video, at: 00:27, and 00:50 -- have they inhaled and tightened their core? No; they are relaxed, setting their grip. THEN they raise their chests, breathe, and explode up.

Obviously I never said anyone should "stay" relaxed. I didn't use the word "stay" at all. Punisher understood what I meant... why couldn't you? My theory: you either suck at reading comprehension, or you willfully misunderstand people so that you can dismiss their posts and argue with them. I've seen you do it multiple times on this forum, and it's pretty childish.


Jarvan,I lime your avatar,especially the gold face at the top. What is it?


It's a type of kishin mask, meant to evoke spirits of demons to put fear into the hearts of their opponents.


erik_carlson: Nice work! I believe you are doing much more right than wrong. What follows is my break-down.


Very flat spine
Bar stays close to your body
Bar path is good, not perfectly vertical but very close
You appear to be in control of this weight
You appear to be holding your breath and staying tight for each rep
You say your back feels good. Feeling good is good.


Difficult to see from this angle, but I believe you may want to narrow your grip so that your arms are nearly vertical. The wider you grip the bar, the greater your range of motion will be, making the lift more difficult

Already mentioned by Th3Pwnisher, footwear matters with the deadlift. Try it in Chuck Taylors. Try it in just socks. I enjoy shelving my dignity to lift in a pair of hideous Vibram toe shoes, which now have a permanent stench to them. Squishy shoes are not the best choice.

Also mentioned by Th3Pwnisher, get your hips into the lift. Conjure up some violence and vigor and thrust your hips with purpose on the lockout. It is okay to get a little angry on the deadlift.

Your torso seems to be rotating a bit, as evidenced by the bar's swinging motion on your last 3 reps. If you are using a mixed grip, space your supinated hand about a centimeter or so further out from the center than your pronated hand. This will help eliminate that bar movement that gets progressively more noticeable on reps 3, 4 and 5.

This is not a "wrong", but you may want to try pointing your toes out just a bit. I've found that this helps me get more hip into the movement.


The wrongs are minor compared to the rights. There is nothing in that video that tells me you should take your foot off the gas at all. In the meantime, listen to your body. Add some weight to the bar. Eat well and sleep, all that stuff. Keep working to improve however you can.

You are a fine deadlifter who has plenty room to improve, which is true for most people who train the deadlift seriously!



And it's obvious, to me at least, that OP has already spent a lot of time developing his technique. That slight bump on the last rep doesn't mean anything. It's gonna happen regardless. The point is to just attentive and aware and don't allow it to get too far. With that said, hip drive is basically number one priority for the DL, but speed is up to the lifter.

Also wanna point out I noticed you're tall as shit. I had a lifting buddy that is 6'5 so I know the extra work you gotta put in.


Am I the only one who thinks OP starts with the bar too far in front of him?
On that last rep the bar is out in front of his toes. Keep the bar above mid foot before starting the pull.


I figure that last reps are always going to look crappy. It's what tends to make them last reps.

First rep I'd actually say the bar is a little too close to the shins at the start, making it hard to really roll back into the pull, but that's personal preference, and most likely something having to do with the elevated heel of the footwear.


Just felt like sharing that I TRAIN IN THIS GYM! Very proud to see one of the countless videos someone's filmed there pop up on TNation.


Yes I think I could narrow the grip. Also going to switch to double overhand grip. Should help w/ grip strength and keeping the bar for turning during the pull. And the shoes I'm using are flat soled, with a zero drop. I've tried doing deads in socks and I actually like it, think I might go back to it. Thanks again for all the responses guys, I'm very appreciative of the help.