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Deadlift form check


After some deliberation, I decided to post a video of my DL. I've been stuck at 420 pounds for what seems to be ages now... In the clip below I am pulling 350 pounds (160 kg) which is about 85% of my 1RM. I would appreciate any feedback on my form you might have. I noticed that the lower back rounds slightly- I guess it's acceptable as this is a rather heavy weight for me. Any mobility drills/accessory work that would help me to strengthen this area? I've always been a high hip puller (by my own admission, no homo lol).

For the record, I foam roll and perform De Franco's agile 8 religiously before every session.

One thing I noticed though is that my adductors are underdeveloped. Mobility work seems to help a bit (Kossak squats etc.) but I guess I could use some extra work there. Ideas?

Video 1: www.youtube.com/embed/LE_PN48ptFM

Video 2: www.youtube.com/embed/zUzCuJR7XpY


Doesnt look bad at all, try keeping your head more neutral, and keep the bar closer to you on the way up. Really pull back as the bar leaves the floor, and keep your weight on your heels.


I say this to just about everyone, but your feet are really wide apart for a conventional deadlift. I thought you were setting up for semi-sumo at first. Bringing in your feet would really help you lift more weight in my opinion.

I've posted this video a few times, but it's how I deadlift, and I think you'd get some good take aways from it.


Just my opinion but I would bring my hands just slightly closer together. This reduces your ROM slightly and might improve your pull. I also wouldn't back up between reps. When you set the weight down, hold onto the bar, roll it back slightly and tense the lats to keep it over the middle of your foot.


OP how tall are you? I videotaped mine last night and it looks very similar. I'm going to drop the weight and give semi-sumo a go. I think it'll help me stay more upright and have higher hips at the start.


I agree with legs being close, makes conventional deadlift easier allows for more weight. Makes you do it in a straighter line I find. Great advice. The only exercises I know that people have done that helpED THEIR deads are rack pulls with near max weights from higher up around the knee and keep moving the pins down AS YOU PROGRESS. oTHER THAN THAT MAYBE SINGLE LEG WORK. Deads I find are hard to progress. The only thing that shot mine up was adding ten pounds a week to my 3x5 max and then adjusting sets reps accordingly. Try something like 531


Jaw clench and tighten the hell out of your legs prior to lift this is probably known by everyone here but what the heck it's useful.


thanks everyone for chiming in, a lot of great advice so far. I will try to keep my feet closer together next time. It's true that my hands could be closer to my body I guess. Gonna play with the bar positioning as well. I have rather long legs, maybe that's why it looked a bit like the sumo set-up haha. I am 6 foot so not exactly Larry Bird but ain't no Joe Pesci either. I had DLed sumo before but recently switched to conventional DL-ing.

I already do a lot of single leg work, reverse lunges from deficit, step ups etc.

jdrannin, why would you not reset in between reps? The way I see it it is a dead-lift anyway so I might as well take advantage of it.


Because you dont need to back up and bend over again to re-set. You can just stay bent over. Just make sure you roll the bar back over the middle of your foot and pull. It just looks like your'e wasting your time standing up and starting all over again. Waste of time and energy...