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Deadlift Form Check

Hey guys,

I think my deadlift form could use some work. Here’s a video of me deadlifting 330x5: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biDoVZRHu7k

It looks like the bar comes forward on a couple reps, which I suppose means I need to get more of my weight behind the bar before I pull. Anyway, I could really use a fresh pair of experienced eyes. Thanks for your help.

Your really forward over the bar by a good few inches. At that weight its manageable but I would say 405 would give you a pretty hard struggle around your knees. You need to sit back and get on your heels. Think of the Deadlift Kinda like a Leg Press. the Bar are the handles on the Leg Press and your just pushing with your legs through your heels.

One more tip I was lucky enough to hear from Sam Byrd after talking to Benny Mag is that you need to stop dropping the weight like that or just letting it crash to the floor. Dont do some super slow decent but control the bar on the way down. He said that the movement you follow on the way down is usually much more optimal positioning than the positive pull. It will allow you to feel where the bar should honestly be and you will touch down in almost perfect starting position.

Ahh okay, that leg press tip is really helpful. Thanks.

As for letting the bar drop…you know what, now that I think about it, I have noticed that when I bring the bar back down to the ground (instead of dropping it) I end up a bit farther behind the bar. So that’s probably closer to an optimal starting position for me.