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Deadlift Form Check

please and thanks.

Looked pretty damn good to me. Hopefully that was close to your 1RM so the critiques you get are accurate. You might hear hips too high to start and to use more hip thrust at the top but personally I thought it was pretty solid

hips too high? i noticed i hyper extend my back at the top a little. and that hips come up too fast, maybe? and yes this was pretty close to my 1RM, i ramped up to 355, i feel i had some more in the tank though

I think you need to think about squeezing your glutes at the top. It will help your back not hyperextend and make the lockout more solid.

activate glutes at top. Noted. thanks for the input brother

One of the better videos on form to be honest. Great form, Noticed towards the top it looked like your heel shifted up a bit. Might just be the point of view though. Something to check out, no?