Deadlift Form Check

So I have the impression that my deadlifting form is not the best and my back rounds a little when I lift the weight. I would like to know what you guys think and would appreciate it if you could give me some pointers.

You have no hip drive what so ever, your ass is in the air way to high taking pretty much any power you might vet out of your out of the lift. Your mid to lower back does some weird thing where it literally raises up as in your spine makes a n shape before the bar even comes off the ground putting your lower back in not so safe place to pull from. I also don’t think your pushing through with your heels. You need to strengthen that lower back and soon. Also couldn’t tell if you were putting straps on or what but don’t bend over at the waist for so long. I don’t know why but anytime I bend over for more than literally 5 seconds I lose alot of pulling power. Dip grip and rip. If you have to get down to bar to put straps on take a knee to it. May have been something else but can’t remember.

Thanks for the feedback Reed.
I’m gonna follow your advice of spending less time adjusting my grip in the beginning.
About my ass being very high up in the air, if I would bring it down it seems my legs would be bent too much, almost in a squat-like position. (I think because I have proportionally long legs) Wouldn’t deadlifting like that make me use more legs and make the lift weaker as a result?

Not necessarilly if your pulling conventional its alot of quads if you can get in correctly so you would be able to use more legs to help you drive up. A deadlift is essentially a squat except you hold the bar in your hands. Also bringing your butt down and maintaining a high chest is gonna help your hips come through stronger. Check out some videos of good conventional pullers Andy Bolton for instance is in practically a half squat position if not lower at the start of a pull. It also allows for the stretch reflex pulling your hams and posterior chain tight. But I could be wrong possibly I don’t have long legs I am a whole 5’ 7" on a good day but I would check out some deadlift video and maybe you will see what I am talking about. Its not ass to grass low but your basically doing a a heavy RDL which not say there are not some massive weights pulled likecthat its just not always the most effiecent.

Ok, I’ll try keeping my butt lower next time. I think it would help with the back-rounding as well, since the torso should be more upright.


From what I could see:

  1. bring your feet in closer so your arms don’t knock your knees
  2. as like a squat - push out sideways though your feet and knees to activate glutes and hams = hip drive