Deadlift Form Check

Here’s a recent 365 single, 90% of my 1rm(405). This was 3 of 3 singles.

I’m 6’4" and feel like it’s really hard to get into position to complete a pull. I’ve tried sumo and hate it! I think I’m keeping my lower back straight and it’s my upper that rounds out. Any constructive criticism would be appreciated!

everything looks good, but just try to keep your hip a slight down. try to keep your chin to your chest then when it comes near look out put it back with head up.

No and no. Do not tuck your chin to your chest, though you could pack your neck more instead of looking up as much.

Start pulling your weights with better form/straighter back. If your core is your weak link, like it is in this video, starting in a bad position is not going to help. Set your back first then squat down. play with your foot position too. try closer and farther apart and see how that helps your form.

Work your abs and erectors harder too

Also, your low back is far from straight…