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Deadlift Form Check

This is a 260kg missed attempt from last Saturday. Was hoping if anyone could spot any thing i could tweak about the form.


It’s really hard to tell from this angle, but it looks like your back is as rounded as it gets. Which is bad, very bad, for your long term spine health. keep it straight even though this probably means you’ll have to lower the weights. But you get an A for effort, that’s for sure.

I think the main culprit was that your back arched like a freaking cats as soon as you started the pull. this prevented you from pushing through with your hips to finish the lockout.
If you watch carefully, your lower back arches up before the bar even leaves the ground - this robs all your strength. If you can correct this, you will dominate this weight.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks guys, hopefully I’ll smash the weight the next time around.

Haha, I have the same awesome shaking effect. If you fix it do let me know how. My back is fine though.