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Deadlift Form Check


This is my first post.
I took a video of me deadlifting and want feedback on my form. Its 405x5. Please and thank you.


I have no idea why the video got posted sideways but it does the job anyway.


Starting with shoulders out in front of the bar. Hips rise too fast. Straight legged. Back rounding. Looks like you're on your toes.


And that stance is way wide. I'd either go semi-sumo or narrow your stance in a lot.


All right I will narrow my stance, thank you. What about my shoulders, where should they be placed at the beginning of the lift? I know that the bar should be in line with the mid-foot at start (I did some research) but I'm confused about where my shoulders should be.


Scapulas over the bar. This means you need to be hinged hard from your hips, your lower back needs to be tight, and your shoulders should be over the bar and above your hips. So in a line from the floor up:

Midfoot, bar, scaps.


Here, you will benefit GREATLY from doing exactly what he says:


Perfect thanks a lot, I watched my video again and realized that at the start of my lift my shoulders and hips are almost in line with each other, I will keep that in mind before I deadlift again, which will be tomorrow.