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Deadlift Form Check


Long time reader, very infrequent poster. Looking for some feedback on deadlift form...Been reading and watching Rippetoe and Tate quite a bit...still helps to have someone give specific feedback on what needs to improve. My initial thoughts are my head is not neutral and my hips look like they are coming up early, but again, looking for confirmation and assistance. If it helps, I am 5ft 10in..


first rep looks like your hips are too low, you lock out your knees too soon turning it into a SLDL, and you're finishing with your lower back instead of your glutes.

second rep looks better re: hip height but then the above happens again.

head should be neutral, I guess you're looking at the mirror in front of you?

someone correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what I see.


thanks for the reply - so higher hip position to start - can you explain finishing with glutes instead of low back?

And I have no mirror - just a bad habit of keeping my head up i guess...

thanks agian


not crazy high, just wherever they are after you bend your knees, grab the bar, tighten your lower back, get your chest up and squeeze your lats down. might be somewhere in between the two for you. not sure how else I can describe it except it'll feel right, and you'll get more of a feeling of pulling back instead of up, and you'll understand the teeter-totter analogy that some people use.

your lower back should be focused more on keeping rigid and keeping the weight from falling down/forward rather than using it to pull the bar up. after you drive your midfoot/heels into the ground and get the bar to around the point where it clears your knees... you give that bar a good screw. same thing you do with your special lady friend.


I would take your shoes off and see what that looks like. Your knees are ahead of the bar in the start, simply dropping your heels a little closer to the floor (hence shoes off) may help. I'd also be willing to bet that your stance is neither narrow or sumo but somewhere in between, even though it's hard to tell based on this angle. Try the shoes off thing and set your heels directly under your hip joints and I bet that will put you where you need to be.

Oh, and your lockout looks a little soft through the hips, but I'm a stickler for that. Make sure you're "finishing" the lift through the pelvis.