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Deadlift Form Check


I have been lifting for 2.5 years now, and ever since the beginning my deadlift was always about the same as my squat. Is that normal? I usually see that the deadlift is a magnitude heigher than the squat for most people.
So I was thinking, maybe my form is not good, being self-taught and all (using Rippetoes Starting Strength book, now on Madcow 5x5).

Can anyone give me advice about my form? Would be much appreciated..


going to have re-upload that


You are right, converted it to .avi format, hope this works.
Edit: grr now it didn't even show up. I've put it on Youtube:

Edit: what a mess, now it shows up twice :slight_smile:


not too bad from this angle. I wouldnt be looking up so much - save your neck and keep your spine neutral


thanks for the tip, now that you say it it's obvious. no idea why my deadlift weight is the same as my squat?