Deadlift Form Check

Can I please get a dead lift form check

thanks in advance

your hips/butt shoot up right away and then you’re basically doing a SLDL.

Lock out through glutes more too.

1: your legs and arms are getting in the way of each other. Either bring your feet closer together, or have them out wide with your arms on the inside (sumo deads)
2: What gregron said. start with your hips higher and focus on hip drive - pushing your groin forward

Bring your stance in.
Use chalk.
Keep the double overhand grip as much as you can, you’ll be surprised at how much you can hold as you progress.

Your neither convential nor sumo. So you dont have the advantage of limiting the rom - like a sumo, or the stability that the convential style provides. So its important to pick one, or maybe include both your routine - but make sure that each set the technique fits the exercise.

Perhaps post another video when you have corrected your stance. Its difficult to tell if your hips rise too fast, as it may well just be that the stance used affected the execution of the rep.

On another note, you head is looking straight forward (as some people reccommend), however, cant speak for you, but me personally it feels too unnatural and forced. I therefore prefer to look 45 degree in front. CT also mentions in his deadlift tutorial to position the head in a natural position.

Agree with the others about your stance - go wider or narrower, but not there. Also, don’t lift in those shoes; you almost certainly have too much cushioning under your heels. It’s hard to tell from the video, but somehow I had the impression your weight might be on your toes at some points; if true you need to correct that, as you should be pushing through your heels.

thanks for the feed back. This is my first deadlift season after two years so I’m trying to get back into the grove of things. I used my first day back just to test my strength and find a good weight for working sets and what not. Back in my deadlift prime I was able to do 315 for 10 easy reps.

Since the video was taken I have fixed my stance because the main thing I noticed which most of you said was I lift with my hips and basically do a SLDL. As for my head position, I couldn’t help but look up in the mirror to check my form. I was more focused on not rounding my back more than anything.