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Deadlift Form Check


I decided to try and fix up my deadlift form. Can I please get some criticism.




doesnt seem to be posting


ill try again

heres the link:http://s1141.photobucket.com/albums/n584/georgehennen/?action=view┬Ąt=IMG_0042.mp4


spine is in a good strong position, shoulders look strong too, hips aren't too low. But the bar got away from your shins a couple of times as you pulled from the floor, indicating that you could perhaps sit back a little bit more and focus on keeping all your weight on your heels. The bar really should brush your shins (easier said than done)


ok ill try it today thnx for advice


You kind of bounce the bar on rep 3, but that wasn't really reflective of the entire set. If you can maintain a good, flat back as you throw on more weight, then great, but from how light that set looked for you, you may want to post a video with a bit more weight (maybe around 250, since that set looked to be around 205x5) to see where your weak points lie.


k ill try a heavier weight on wednesday and upload it


This is 245x3
The sets before it i got 5 reps
How's the form compare to the other vid?







in the 245x3 vid (the only one i can see atm for some reason), youre not resetting your body and getting tight after each rep - this will lead to injury and poor performance


ugh yeah. i cringed seeing that. the third rep looked extremely painful.


What do you mean by resetting your body?


each rep should be done as a single, basicaly.


oh ok i get it i'll try it next week and post a vid


one more vid
i tried resetting after each rep



read rippetoe's "starting strength" and watch his instructional videos. you don't look tight. also, bouncing off the floor makes each subsequent rep worse than the one that preceded it.

tighten up your form (and keep your low back arched) now before you're strong enough to really hurt yourself