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Deadlift Form Check


this is a last summer video , i pulled 473 pouds/215kg , if you could give me tips and advices that would be very nice

thank you



Your back is really bowed...flatten out before you pull by opening up your chest and pulling your shoulders back and down


Definite rounding. I would maybe drop some weight and just focus on good clean form. Maybe try starting with your hips lower? Or possibly try switching to sumo? But I'm probably not the best source for advice.

Nice weight, but I think you might be asking for chronic back pain or injury.


I cropped this clip out. This is pretty much the lowest and straightest point you get to on your set-up. Maybe focus on keeping the lower back tight and getting the hips down lower.


thank you for the advice man , this video was an All time PR i did a single to test myself , i sincerely never had lower back problems or pain.
once again thank you



Hips lower, chest Up. Sit back.


thank you this is absolutely right


Do you always deadlift like this or is it just with a heavier weight? 100% efforts don't always make the best form check vids.


Agree with ironcross. Really the picture of him cropped above in his starting position isn't the worst. Seems to be lacking some upper back strength.

amn, the bar seems to be getting out in front of you a little because as someone said above you aren't sitting back. After setting up, try picking up your big toe on both feet before driving your feet into the floor and see how that feels.


Get lower on the bar, this will help you beginning the movement with an opening up of the knees before the hips.
Also with you're height I'd give sumo style a go and see how it feels