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Deadlift Form Check


Was having some issues at 265, so I've dropped the weights again to make sure it's right. I think I'm rounding my back. Issues you see and how do I fix them?



Ok buddy. Listen here.
You form isnt too bad, but we can do with some improvements.
Your lower back is arched a bit, at the bottom of your lift try and push out your stomach and try to get less rounding. You probally need to work on hamstring flexibilty.
I would also like you to add in some upper back activation before you lift, to help with keeping those shoulders out and up.
Keep lifting brah.

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You're pretty hunched over throughout most of the movement, try focusing on your set up before every rep.

-Pull your chest up and out and stay tall through the entire lift
-Pull the bar back into your shins before you pull
-Take off your shoes

and watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nRRlk6264I


Upper back activation... just flexing back to engage the muscles?

I am working bigtime on flexibility because mine sucks

I will keep your advice in mind, and thanks for the vid! (Diesel Crew Rocks) will post another in a week or so for improvement

What does he mean by RDL the weight down?



Romanian Deadlift, keeping your knees relatively locked and sitting back so that the bar goes past your knees. If you try to lower it the same way you lifted it you'll just set the bar on top of your bent knee and have to roll if off over your shin.


Again, focus on chest up and abs tight. Squeez(don't pull) the bar off the ground and follow through with your hips. Don't be afraid to let your ass sit back a bit.

Also, is there a reason you seem to be rushing the bar off the ground and a slow reset to the ground? Not saying it's wrong, just wondering...


Didn't realize I was even doing this, prob just mental...


Could someone check my deadlift form? 345 @ 145


First of all, you might want to make your own thread, but I'll bite.

-Remove the shoes, your back is rounding due to being much farther from the bar than you need to be.
-You're not tight at all in the bottom position, hunched over the bar your chest is dipped in when you should be pulling it up and tall.
-You look to be squatting down to the bar rather than driving your hips backwards to get into position
-You need to squeeze the slack out of the bar, pulling yourself to it rather than yanking it off the ground, you pull as if the bar just insulted the integrity of your wee wee.
-Work on those points, near the end of your video I see you wincing in pain. Pain is bad.


Thanks for the comments. I posted it on the rosstraining.com website and was surprised when it was criticized.

When I started out I pulled flat backed but this actually put a ton of pressure on my low back, because my femurs and torso are so long. Rounding helped because i could brace, especially with my abs much better, and get the weight in closer to my center of gravity.


No one has pointed out on the first video that the lad seems to be going around his knees on the eccentric,it should just go down in a straight line;apart from that it looked pretty good.There was rounding but there's always rounding,didn't look dangerous in anyway.The weight on this video is to light for you,or for anyone to give you pointers on how your form is under pressure;in my opinion most peoples form looks crap on light weight.

The best advice I can give you is;
-Get yourself in position
-feet should be around shoulder width apart
-Reach for the bar
-grip width should be as close as possible to the body
-grip a lot tighter than you need (this helps with staying tight in general throughout the lift)
-Sit your arse right down dragging the bar towards you to keep you balanced whilst arms are straight
-get the bar to touch the shins (it should be pretty much in contact with your body throughout the lift)
-Look high then press your heels through the ground keeping arms locked
-Once it gets to just under your knees focus on forcing your hips out
-when its locked push the bar down to the floor (avoiding knees!)
Hope that helps.



i'm not sure under what circumstances pulling without optimal spine position is acceptable. you need to arch your lumbar spine hard and stay much tighter throughout the lift. of course form is going to break down at 90-95% of your 1rm, but it looks like you're missing some of the basics:

  • your setup takes forever. watch some vids of big deadlifts, and you'll note that most of them are started rather quickly. personally, i step up to the bar to get my feet set, then reach down for it and set my grip, then get my back and shoulders set, get in a big breath of air, and pull... it takes like 3 seconds.

  • the movement should be initiated by pushing the feet through the floor, thereby taking the flex out of the bar. at 345 you'll be able to feel this happening

  • if you don't have relatively flat-soled shoes, deadlift in bare feet. in those high heels you've got on, it will be harder to get your weight back, and they also add an inch or two to your range of motion.

  • remember that the hams and glutes are the primary movers. think about pulling with your hams and locking it out with your glutes (pushing your hips forward)


keep forgetting to take my shoes off... lol... Getting chucks, but I'll try barefoot.

demarcoa... we'll get it!

I'll post a new vid soon...


Both posters need to concentrate on the same thing from what I can see - namely taking a big breath and pulling yourself in tight to the bar before you pull. Especially as both of you are beltless, you need to take a big gulp of air, then pull yourself down, pull your tummy in and arch your back. This is optimum lifting position. Only after doing these thngs do you push down through your heels and extend.

I don't think the upper body tension of either poster is a concern to be honest. Just their setup.

Also, both need to take their shoes off.