Deadlift Form Check

I would just like some comments on my deadlift form, here lifting 330lbs.

Looks pretty good to me, good job on keepin that back neutral. What % of your max is that? Looks fairly easy for you, especially with the control on the eccentric.

Looks good. I agree with rasturai that it looks very easy for you. I like your mechanics though; curious if your form looks that good with a heavier load…

Thanks for the feedback! According to an RM calculator, this is 86% of my max, although I haven’t yet done sets above this weight.

Looks fifty fifty
your but should not fly out from underneath you,
you will keep more power underneath you if you tuck in your hips under the bar and keep your chest up .
your losing some leg power at the bottom.

i’m def. no expert on the deadlift but it looks like u have a tendency that i as well as others i’ve seen have. at the start of the lift ur hips shoot up and ur back goes to pretty much parallel with the floor. i think this is weaker upper hamstrings/glutes compared to ur back which wants to dominate the movement. it looks like ur back is pretty neutral tho which is good

It looks to me like you are breaking your knees first on the eccentric portion of the lift. Hips should break first then knees, the exact opposite of the concentric portion of the lift. On the concentric portion it looks like you extend your knees a tad without lifting the weight at the very beginning. All in all it’s pretty decent form just some minor tweaks needed I’d say.

Ok, now I tried to start with the bar touching my shins, and not extending the knees before the bar left the ground. I think that it felt like I used the quadriceps a lot more and that I didn’t drop as low as before with my upper body, although I’m not sure if it really shows. Comments on the form in this video?

From what I can see the concentric portion looks very good. The only thing though, and this may be nitpicking, is the bar is still having to go around the knee on the eccentric portion of the lift. After you lock out at the top your first move in the eccentric portion should be to break your hips and not your knees. This may seem counterintuitive but it is the correct form. To make this easier you may need to speed the eccentric portion up. Your form is certainly better than 90% of those you will ever see in a gym so don’t go making any drastic changes.

looks pretty good. I too want to see if your back does that on a 1RM

Thanks a lot for the feedback! Those technique tweaks easily added 20lbs to my work sets, and I felt like I had power left. Only problem is, my shins get torn to shreds even though I wear long trousers…I’ll be sure to post a clip when I max.

2nd vid was better, you corrected that tendency to let your shoot up too high and too fast pushing the rest of u slightly forward.
keep the bar in constant contact with shins, knees as u pull up. also keep shuolders pulled back, chest up & out.

Things that I found wrong:

Your hips came up too fast. Right before you start to deadlift, tighten everything from the wasteline up. Then start pulling. You’ll notice that you have to keep your hips down and your lower back is alleviated. Also try to skin your legs with the bar.

Very good spine position.

If you watch the barbell closely, it doesn’t start moving until your hips finished shooting up. Your start position is a parallel squat - hips too low. Pay attention to the position you’re in after your hips finish shooting.

Only then does the bar actually start moving. This hip position should be your deadlift start position - somewhere between the knee and the scapula. The hip-shooting is wasted effort; as you can see the bar doesn’t come off the ground during…I used to have this problem til I lifted my hips.

Hope this helps.

Pretty good, but your butt is rising before everything else. Also on the eccentric when you are lowering the bar you are kinda wabbly. It should be a controlled smooth drop.

***For the butt rising problem, you probably have dominant quads and weak glutes. Best bet would be to lighten the weight and work on keeping the butt down and then build back up to heavier weights.