Deadlift Form Check

In February, I pulled a personal record 460, with horrendous form.

Note my starting position.

Since then, I’ve put a lot of time in to hip and ankle mobility, and worked on my form, as to increase the longevity of my lifting career. Although I’ve had to lower the weights, my form seems a lot better, but it still may need some work.

Here is my set of dead lifts from monday.

Any suggestions?

Great improvement first and foremost … in the first video you looked like a question mark …

2nd video MUCH better. Your acceleration looked good from the starting position … only thing I think might cause a problem is when you’re putting the bar down you look down and your shoulders and back round out a bit. Keep your head up, shoulders back, chest out throughout the whole lift.

Other than that very nice improvement keep up the good work!

Just drop the deadlift at the top, guide it down but don’t pull something putting it down.

Definitely much improved form. Question. Is there a reason why you roll the bar back and forth between reps? I know for some it can give them a feeling of momentum for a max pull,however, it may be affecting your form on a multi rep set. It looked as if on a few of those reps that the bar was not in the most efficient position to pull from.

[quote]earthshaker wrote:
Is there a reason why you roll the bar back and forth between reps?
It looked as if on a few of those reps that the bar was not in the most efficient position to pull from.[/quote]

Worth Considering!!!

Otherwise…great improvement!!!

I’m pretty new around here, and to the weightlifting world as well, but I have found that Mark Rippetoe’s videos on Youtube help me for most of my forms, especially when I was having trouble with squats.

Here are a few for deadlifting:

I didn’t watch all of these all the way through, but the third one actually helped me out a little. He has a bunch of different videos on each workout so you should be able to find something to help. I hope they help tremendously. I know his squat video fixed my form right off the bat.

His book on his program, Starting Strength, also has very in depth explanations of forms with diagrams and such.
Good luck!

yeah that first video… made my back ache. i had to twist and stretch there for a minute. but i agree with everyone, much much better on the last video!

Yeah i have to agree, first one was scary to watch, although you got the weight up. Your second video really showed good form improvement, it also showes that you have great lockout strength. Do you do alot or rack deads? what do you do for lockout work?

Thanks for all the responses guys. I appreciate it. Seems that my negative is the major problem, and I’m going to try to be more conscious of this on this upcoming Monday.

I’m not really sure why my lockout strength seems so much better than my strength off of the floor. It could be the fact that when i used to pull with a rounded back, i developed a lot of strength at the top of the lift, but never really developed the strength needed for the bottom portion of an arched (or neutral-spined) deadlift. Strange reasoning, I know.

In the past I have also done a lot of Rack Pulls, Pull Throughs, and Speed Pulls.

About the rolling of the bar- I’ve been experimenting with this recently, as it seems to help me pull myself into the starting position. It also helps me to feel the weight on my heels, for the start of the pull.