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Deadlift Form Check...

I have read many articles on how to deadlift correctly and I have practised a lot but still manage to get lower back pain and rounding when I get to the 100/110 kg mark.

My current bw is 85 kg

Here is a link…

I think it has something to do with tight hamstrings?

I thought it was about time I had my form evaluated.

I have also been trying to sit deeper into the deadlift, but it does make it near impossible to move it from the floor.

Your starting position is fine, maybe even a bit low for your pulling style- you’re squatting the weight up and trying to squat it down. You stop your lockouts a little short as well- stretch your hip flexors and remember to shoot your hips through and clench your glutes.

Keep in mind that it’s a pull, not a squat. On the descent, break from the hips first like a RDL (should be the opposite of the way you come up).

Still, not hard to fix- keep up the good work.

I agree with what IronAbrams said. What I tell some of my male training partners is to “hump the bar” if they tend to stop short of a lockout, or lockout by leaning back instead of finishing with their hips.

One thing that’s glaringly obvious to me is that your elbows are not locked. Here’s a quote from an article of Cressey’s: “Deadlifts should be too heavy to curl, yet you’ll still see people who allow their elbows to go on slack when they initiate a deadlift. This is a great way to rupture a biceps tendon and guarantee that you aren’t pulling as heavy as you ought to be.”

I’ve attached the link to that article below (Mastering the Deadlift Part 2) - there’s a link to Part 1 in it and I personally think it’s a great read.

Do you get back pains when you do squats, RDLs or rack pulls as well?

It seems more like your doin squats. More pushing than pulling. Try doing dumbell swings for some time, learn hoe to use your back. It helped for me.

I’ve never tried any variation of the Deadlift, I have always wanted to master the original lift first. I have had this niggling pain when I get to the heavier weights, just above my glutes. When I press down on them, the pain goes away, or when I’m active it does also.

After my Deadlift session yesterday the pain/soreness lasted all day, it was not excruciating but still was there. Today I’ve woken up and it’s gone.

I have it sometimes on squats but I know why this is (usually by leaning forward as I get to heavier weights also)and can usually make a concious effort to correct it.

I was told by a physiotherapist to give rack pulls a try due to my tall frame.

A friend of mine has suggested I strengthen my hamstrings. By switching to box squats also, as they will help support me during the Deadlift.

But I’ll keep trying and reading up on this, I’ll post another video after my next workout.

Since I started pulling around the 110 kg mark this has happened, so I will drop the weight and concentrate on the form.

a friend of mine had the same problem, the cure was deep tissue work for lower back, especially at the painful area. he didnt do it, and about 3 months later, had a minor muscle tear.