Deadlift Form Check x2

Any comments welcome. Trying to fix the weird knee thing which you’ll see in some reps, by trying TNG deadlifts for the first time.

100kg x 11

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I cannot see the video.

Link Should be fixed now - thanks for looking again, Nomad!

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I saw the video. IMO, your form changed to a much more efficient bar path and structural position.

I would recommend keeping with sets of 10 reps for the next couple months. I like the 100kg load. Stay there too. You might want add about 2kg every other week, but do so that you have a heavy week followed by a light week (100kg). Do the heavy week in a progressive matter, going up 2kg every other week, but don’t go so heavy that you cannot do all 10 reps. IMO, always have every other week as a light week when deadlifting.

Your first rep you are pulling with your former form, but the succeeding reps are the more efficient form. Eventually, if things work out as I hope, your first rep will look like all the succeeding reps. I have noticed that most people doing touch-and-go reps find that the second rep is easier than the first rep.

I cannot tell for certain because the plate is blocking my view, but make sure that your arms do not flex as you approach the top (or any other place.) The underhand arm can rupture the biceps very easily as the weight gets over 200kg, especially getting over 250kg. Your arms should be completely straight before you pull, while you are pulling, and at the finish of the pull. If you get strong you are destined to get hurt flexing your underhand arm during the deadlift whether you believe you are flexing it, or not.

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Thanks Nomad. I’m following the 531 forever “limited time” template for my programming - but that finishes with a 20 rep set at 80kg and increases 5kg per month if all goes well.