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Deadlift Form Check (Video)

Hey guys new to this site been lurking for awhile but finally got into lifting and want some pointers from guys who know what they are doing. Just started deadlifting recently what you guys think of my form?

This is basically a pr for me


Lower back rounds halfway through pull. Hips and shoulders move up at different rates. Probably indicates weakness in low back that could be fixed by lots of high rep Romanian deadlifts.

I also recommend a more neutral head position at start of pull and develop a consistent routine at set-up. You would also probably benefit from pulls from a 4" or 6" box or rack.

Ok thanks a lot man.

Is it a terrible pull or is it decent?

Always set the bar down, you’ll get red lighted at a meet. Did you do another rep after this? That moved too quick to be a 1RM, might’ve even had 400 in you. Other than that I would also suggest a more neutral head and consistent set up. But I’d just say more deadlifts where you really focus on getting your back tight would help you most at this point. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do what david s suggested, RDLs and rack pulls are great accessory movements, but you’re max is only 365 and unless you’re a 148er you should really just work on deadlifting overall.

This was after heavy squatting (for me) and deadlifting 315 for 7. It’s weird for the past 2 years I couldn’t get my dead above 325 for more then 3 reps I switched my form a little because I found out I have shortish arms so I can’t see up this all these guys I was trying to setup like and it just went up a week later 40 plus lbs it’s really weird. But no I only did this 1 time. I’ve been after the 4 plate deadlift 405 for 2 years now.

I only pulled it 1 time

If you have short arms you may benefit from a sumo stance, have you tried sumo yet?