Deadlift Form Check. Roast Me

560 x 1 at 201ish bodyweight. Only the second time I’ve ever got 560. last time was around 220lbs
I hitched the weight. I watch the video and it looks like the bar got me drug forward after I lock try to lock my knees.

plz help.

It’s not really a good video to post for a form check since it is a bad lift, but it looks like your center of gravity is too far forward which makes it hard to lockout. Notice how you shifted the weight back onto your heels when you hitched it and locked out. Also, your knees are over the bar when you start the pull and they stay like that for the first bit, that could be part of the problem. According to Chris Duffin and other people who talk about this sort of stuff, your heel has to be in full contact with the floor for your glutes to fully engage. So you are putting yourself in a position where your glutes aren’t able to work and then you can’t lock out because it’s all glutes at that point.

Stop hitching, it won’t get you far.

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chris, again as always, thank you.

I posted it because it was a max effort single and I wanted to fix it and understand why this happened when it hasn’t been a problem when working with 90%ish weights. this was my worst pull in 7 weeks. it wasn’t on the schedule; I did my work sets and felt awesome so I said f*** it lets just hit one today and see where we go. I also haven’t done singles above 92%% in this program just yet, as they are coming next week. will film and report back with a submaximal single for a check.

I also hitched 'cause I wasn’t going to drop it. when I felt the forward tilt I just made the decision to hold on to it. I don’t hitch my reps, unlike this one which sounds dumb to post but id rather get the checks on the ones I feel awful about than the ones I feel good on.

thank you for the heel advice. I felt on my toes, which I never feel like when i’m working in the 450-500 range. I always feel like I’m leaning super far back, almost falling.

thanks again, chris. I always appreciate the help.

chris, also:
you recommended me before about getting my shins straight up and down and I have tried damn near everything and even on my GOOD pulls (I feel like) my shins don’t stand exactly straight up and down.

do you just happen to have a video or article or something in your back pocket explaining this barney-style to me? I guess I just don’t understand what I need to be doing to get my shins further back than what they are.

thank you.

Well, most people I see posting videos where they are pulling sumo with shins tilted forward are pulling 400 or less so at least you have something going for you. A lot of people set up with their shins forward but they straighten out as the bar breaks the floor, that isn’t the case with you. There isn’t really a cue to fix this other than just stop doing it, opening your hips/pushing your knees out might help as well as keeping pressure evenly distributed between your heels and balls of your feet.

Maybe post videos of a better lift with 80%+, that would be more useful than this video.

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dude, great post chris. everything i would have said.

and agreed in your other post that the solution is opening the hips and pushing the knees out more. It’s just a slight posture adjustment that will tighten things up and get him into a much stronger starting position.

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Before you lifted you took a big breath, it looked like you put that air up in your chest instead of using it to push against the belt and then brace. A proper brace makes a huge difference.

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Speaking of posture and bracing, it looks like your upper back was rounded over.

If you breath into your chest and shrug your shoulders, you can unlock your lats, get your shoulders high and forward, and get pulled forward and over the bar.

Put your scapula in your back pockets, to make your back really short and reach way down to make your arms really long. Once you have your hands on the bar, twist your elbows so they point behind you. Lock lats in! That can help stay behind the bar and off toes.

I truly appreciate the help.
next week when I do some actually programmed singles I will take a video, where hopefully I fix some problems you guys pointed out to me.

thank you all for the input and forever teaching me how to lift.

Post your top set.

Don’t add in an above max effort lift on top of what’s already programmed - that’s a good way ensure you stuff thr lift and give your next week of training an enormous kick in the dick.

first time I strayed from the program was yesterday, but duly noted.
i’ve got some doubles today @ 83% of my training max so i’ll take a shot and make sure to post it in the thread this evening.

I think the hitch was just a slight problem for that rep, and that kinda form breakdown/downward movement of the bar can happen to anyone at this weight. Unless that’s happening everytime, I don’t see an issue. Everything else looked great.

I’m not much of a sumo puller myself, but I think you can benefit from a more upright/tighter position in the beginning.

Great. Remember that getting into the sumo starting position can be really hard when you’re tired, so a max effort when fatigued has a higher chance of going wrong.

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hey everybody. back again. 2 videos, first video is from about a 45degree angle behind my set, its 415x2 (about 83% of the TM I used for the program) and it was the first working set of the day of 5x2. second video is from an almost direct side angle, same weight, 415x2 and it was the last working set of the day.

and as always, thank you all for the advice and help. appreciate you guys.

^^ first set.

^^ last working set.

Looked good to me. I’ll defer comments to others.

The first rep in the video you looked to be shifted forward a bit, the 2nd rep looked good, the 2nd video looked OK. Your shins also look to be tilted forward the most on the very first rep and barely at all on the 2nd, only slightly in the 2nd video, that seems to be an indication of what your problem is. What you need to do when you set up is to kind of push your hips back like you are going to sit down and then push your knees out, open your hips, and try to push your hips towards the bar right before you start to pull. I’m willing to bet that you could get into a better position that will allow you to pull more weight.

How come you stand up and totally reset between reps? If you want to train like that then it would probably be better to just do singles.

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Take a video from the front next time so we can see where your knees are in relation to your feet.

i’ve been doing touch and go’s lately because hex plates suck, but i wanted this one to be the whole set up and pull so i could get the whole process for some feedback.

will work the hips and try to get my shins straightened out.
gonna take a front angle next week.

Touch & go isn’t really a good idea for most people, and that could be part of the reason why you don’t consistently pull from the same bottom position. People who do well with t&g are usually strong off the floor and have good technique to start with.

Aren’t the inside plates round? They look to be on the video. If you are stuck with hex plates then I would just do singles, or train somewhere that has round plates.

the insides are bumpers but they don’t get the hex’s off the floor enough to make it a non issue.

also; what the military wants, the military gets. lol so I lift where i’m told to lift. plus i’m in the middle of no where currently and this what I get.

so for singles, would you just program it the same # of reps of like a 4x5 day or 3x3? so you’d just do 9 singles at like 85% or so, instead of your regular 3x3?